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Overview Land of Zenith slot

It is well-known amongst developers of slot games that the gaming team at Push Gaming take their time to ensure all their slots are perfect prior to release. They ensure that every element plays out and that players can get huge entertainment from the slots that Push Gaming offers. Whether you have played Wheel of Wonders which took players across the Mesopotamian deserts or not this latest slot invites players into the world of ancient history in Land of Zenith.

Theme & Symbols

The slot is built around a retro-futuristic theme, and it is has expertly executed complete with various intelligent extras, with the Hypermode being the stand out mechanic. The theme in this slot has been officially classed as Sky Pirates however there is a true Steampunk atmosphere going on. Therefore, players can expect to come across flying apparatuses, gadgets and eccentric inventor or explorer characters.

When it comes to the symbols these are custom-made and divided into four different categories, these being low, mid, high, and super high. The low paying symbols are made up of planets, stars, moons, and suns which have all been designed to represent jewellery. The mid symbols are butterflies, data slates, and robotic owls. The premium symbols are three-character symbol that will pay out 75x to 100x your stake when you land six of a kind. Finally, there is one super high symbol which is represented by a bizarre character wearing a top hat and landing six provides you with a win of 200x your stake. To assist you and provide you with increasing returns there is the wild which is a crest symbol, and not only does it have the same value of the super high symbol, but it can also substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations.

Game Play

The slot plays out on 6-reels and 30 pay line apparatus that is surrounded by brass apparel which includes the vitally important Disc Mechanism. On the outer edges of the game screen there are floating cities in amongst the clouds and they have flying machines that go across them. When it comes to the soundtrack this is subdued and could be described as dreamy, and at some points in the slot it is too dreamy for the energy that is unfolding in the game.

You will need to ensure that you do not become too relaxed in this ambience as this is a highly volatile slot as one would expect from Push Gaming. The Hypermode Free Spins go completely over the top when they are wound uptight, as you will have seen in the slot Joker Troupe from the same developer however it does struggle to do much else. The return to player in this slot is set at 96.29% which is just above average, and this slot is playable on all devices. The only thing that you now must do is choose the bet you are most comfortable playing with and this ranges from just 10p per spin up to £100 per spin, and with this range the slot will appeal to a wide audience.


Land of Zenith uses the Disc Mechanism to activate the two bonus features that it offers, the first of which is a bouncing mystery feature and the hypermode free spins. The disc mechanism is constructed using discs that move independently of each other therefore an inner, middle, and outer. When you land turner symbols on your 2nd, 4th, and 6th, reels the discs turn in a certain way.

If you land one of the grooves for each of the three discs in alignment the Bouncing Mystery feature is activated. You will see an orb shoot from the middle of the reels in a random direction. When this orb collides with the edge of a reel and this then sees a mystery symbol created. Better still though is that the orbs can split onto two and then when two orbs collide, they will disappear and leave five mystery symbols that create a cross formation. Once there are no orbs left, the mystery symbols reveal a random symbol that will match to then create the win evaluation.

When each of the spins start the Disc Mechanism could turn gold and of the mechanism is still gold when the grooves match up on the three aligned discs, the Hypermode free spins are activated. For this, rather than winning a predetermined number of free spins you are rewarded with 20 seconds. When you land a wild during the free spins feature the reel speed increases and the retrigger meter is partially filled. If you completely fill the meter a retrigger occurs and there are 10 more seconds are then added to your timer. The retriggers have no limit, and the first four retriggers remove each of the lower paying symbols one after the other. Playing without the lower value symbols significantly increase the chances for you to land enormous wins.


There is no doubt that Land of Zenith has a real quality that is seen in all Push Gaming slot and the developers have taken the time to ensure that they are pleased with the outcome. Everything about the slot is finished to the highest possible standard from the detailing to the graphics, smooth transitions, and animations between the various game phases. Whilst some players may not take to the way the game grid is setup the low number of pay lines have no effect on the slot’s overall performance.

It is the Hypermode free spins that are highly unique and as intense as they have been in other slots. The volatility is crazy and when you are on the generous side of the volatile math model the pulse of the slot races and better still there is the capability to land some big pay outs. Whilst the game sheet states that the maximum win is infinite the highest win observed by the developers was 21,003x the bet. When this is all combined the Land of Zenith is a super slot to play and all the positives outweigh any negativity. The quality of the build is superb, the potential and thrill factor are high and there is true added excitement when the Hypermode goes into overdrive.

Frequently Asked Questions Land of Zenith

What is the return to player in Land of Zenith?

The return to player is set at 96.29% which is just above average.

What is the bet range in this slot?

The bet range starts from just 10p per spin to a maximum of £100 per spin.

What is the best win experienced by the developers during testing?

The best win advertised by the developers is 21,003x the bet however, they do suggest that the maximum win is infinite.

Can this slot be played on a mobile phone?

This slot can be played on all devices, from mobiles to tablets, laptops to desktop computers.

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