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Overview of Parrot Bay

If you are looking for a Pirate-inspired online slot game to spice up the start of the new year, look no further than Parrot Bay. This game, conceptualised and brought to life by Red Rake, it is different from any other game you have played so far. This online video slot boasts the unique Million Ways system. This is something you will rarely find in other games and can truly bring your gaming experience to the next level. 

If you are familiar with Megaways, you will know the incredible winning opportunities that such a game system can bring you. Basically, you will have six reels to play with. However, these are all but fixed! They boast ten symbols each and give players over 1,000,000 ways to win. And, if you get tired of the standard game, you can also start exploring the side features and mini-games that run alongside the main adventure. This array of features make it perfect for you to enjoy all year round. 

Theme and Design

Parrot Bay, the newest game by Red Rake, boasts that Pirate theme that often attracts many players. The game’s layout is not among the most classic ones, with six reels and over 1 million pay lines/ways. If you have decided to give this game a try, you can expect a classic pirate slot game with a twist. The graphics here are not the one aspect that makes this game stand out. However, there is no need for much more complicated designs! Indeed, the game is already extremely adventurous and exciting as it is! Because of the many aspects of the game to explore and keep up with, there is no doubt that your attention will stay focused for long. 


As we have seen, thanks to the unique Million Ways system, this game will offer you incredible win opportunities. However, before diving headfirst into the bets, it is important to understand what to expect from each game. 

Firstly, Parrot Bay’s RTP is 95.3%. This is a good return to the player level, but it is not one of the highest out there. When compared with other online slot games, this percentage is just about average. 

Depending on your bets, you will be able to see a maximum payout of over 5000x. This value is considered to be relatively higher than most online slot games. 

Alongside the main combinations, this game holds some surprise features to keep in mind. For example, when certain combinations are formed, you can also trigger features such as Cascading Reels. This feature will remove the current winning symbols, substituting them for new ones. By doing so, you are hoping that other combinations are formed, thus increasing the prize. 


Parrot Bay is a game characterised by a simple Pirate theme. Among the common symbols that you will find while playing this game, there are:

  • Royals
  • Coins
  • Treasures
  • Pistols
  • Parrots
  • Pirates
  • Bottles

When playing the cannon mini-game, you will also see additional symbols. Of course, you will notice a cannon. This will shoot a cannonball, hitting one of the squares and destroying it. Below such squares, you will find alternative symbols, including an anchor, an eyeglass, and a wheel. 


There are several features of Parrot Bay that you will need to consider when playing. Of course, the fact that the game boasts Millionways, Megaways, and Cascading reels offer you an entirely different gaming experience than the one you would enjoy when playing more classic games. 

Some of the other symbols to consider include multiplier symbols and wilds. Just like other slot machine games, you can also enjoy a free spins bonus game. This allows you to increase your wins. 

As seen above, Parrot Bay also boasts an interesting Cannon mini-game that allows you to switch from the main game to a different adventure whenever you prefer. The cannon mini-game allows you to destroy one of the tiles in the board to reveal a symbol below it. When used wisely, the cannon mini-game and multipliers can yield impressive wins. 


Parrot Bay boasts a basic design and graphics that won’t be particularly impressive. However, the game boasts enough features and side games that no player will ever be bored while playing it. Additionally, thanks to the alternative Million Ways system, this game allows you to enjoy an exclusive gaming experience.

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