European Roulette

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European Roulette

Just like at a table in Vegas (well, except its European based), European Roulette provides the chance of big winnings (as well as big losses) as players bid during this replica casino style roulette game. The table, wheel, and bets exact copies of what you’d see in any big game casino where players play roulette.

And while experts can start bidding right away with no concerns (once again, as long as they know the difference between European and Vegas style roulette), a menu provides beginners with clear rules explaining the winning for each line or space players bet on. So press your luck and take a seat around the table for European Roulette, an online game by Red Tiger Gaming.


Casino style gaming is the clear theme of European Roulette. The moving animation isn’t the best, but the still images of the game table, chips, and roulette wheel are all top notch. Now, keep in mind, this is European Roulette, not American Roulette. Only two differences exist between the two styles, but they do make a difference in the odds of winning.

Players will notice there is no double zero in European Roulette. That improves player odds of winning over the house by a little over 5 percent. The second chance is known as “En Prison” a rule that allows you to break even (neither winning nor losing, players just get their bets back) when the ball hits zero on your even or odd bets. In American Roulette, both even and odd bets lose their money when the ball hits zero. Few players will even notice these differences. But more advanced players could increase their jackpots with knowledge of these rules.

How to Play

Players have four chip values with which to bet: 1, 2, 5, and 10. Players choose the location on the table where they want to bet. The greater the odds of winning, the greater the return is for players. Bets on any red, any black, any even, or any odd number gives players a straight up 1:1 win. (Bet 10, get 10 in winnings). Players that chose a group of twelve numbers (1st through 3rd 12 groups or the group of horizontal lines) win at a 2:1 clip (Bet 10, win 20). Players can also bet on a series of 2 to 6 numbers with varying odds.

Players that successfully bet on a single number earn 35 to 1 winnings. There’s also a race track on the left hand side with various combinations of numbers that players can bet on. Odds are illustrated on the race track for those combinations.

Players have ample time to place bets. If a player wants to change their bet, they simply hit clear on the game board and place a new bet.

Bets are not final until players hit spin. After spinning, players can hit stop to skip ahead to where the ball ends up. I recommend this option as the wheel can take a while. If players win, they are given the option to double down on the same spot again and increase their winnings.

Players start with 1000 pounds. The small chip sizes available encourage players to limit their bid size to keep them in the game longer. But players are initially only limited by their total balance in betting (the overall max bet is 2,777 if players get that high with their balances). And players have access to a table history breaking down the five hottest numbers and five coldest numbers.

There’s also a percentage breakdown of different colors and combinations for different tables.

Review of European Roulette

Don’t come by European Roulette expecting bonus games, extra spins, or any other special feature common in online casino games. But do expect a realistic casino experience while placing bets on the table of European Roulette.

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