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SoftwareRed Tiger Gaming
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Viral Spiral Overview

Viral Spiral is a slot game unlike any other on the market. When we talk about stripped-back simplistic games, we usually mean three reels and one pay line; however, Red Tiger has taken simplistic to the extreme in this latest product. Instead of a table of spinning reels, this game comprises just the one reel which sits in the centre of the screen. The only outcomes here are either nothing or a bonus symbol. The bonus symbol triggers access to the bonus wheel, which gives a chance of winning a large prize by landing on a multiplier.

The only feature here is the bonus wheel feature, triggered when players land the bonus symbol on the reel. You will be taken to a new screen with a prize wheel on it when this happens. This bonus reel contains eight segments- four winning segments and four losing segments. You could win a decent multiplier to your bet and win a large cash prize, depending on your luck. However, the bonus is more complex than it seems, as winning segments to start with are larger than losing segments. However, as you progress, these segments become smaller yet more valuable. This bonus will be explained in more detail later in the review.

Theme and Symbols

This game represents a very modern take on the traditional fruity slot. The symbols, background and general feel of the game are of an old school slot. However, the novel format and prize wheel screen present something that is much more glamourous, colourful and complex. Red Tiger Gaming is clearly trying to mix the feeling of nostalgia with the exciting dynamics of a modern game here to attract purists. The aesthetic is very polished and well presented, helping the appeal of this strange looking game a great deal.
The background for this game is a swirling pattern that contains a collection of classic fruity symbols. This vortex in dark green and gold is rather captivating and works to focus your attention firmly on the centre of the screen. Because this is such a simple slot, designers needed to develop something that was engrossing as there is a lot of space outside the singular reel. The design is quite hypnotising, especially with the reel turning in the middle of the screen.
The playing board for this game is as stripped back as a playing window could be, with just a golden circle providing any structure.
There are just two symbols for this game. The first is the golden diamond icon which is the placeholder or ‘no action’ symbol. The other symbol is the bonus wheel symbol. This is the cornucopia of fruits with the Bonus Wheel title tagged across it.

Game Play

Viral Spiral is played on a 1-reel, 1-row machine with one fixed pay line. To win, players must land the game’s only winning symbol, the bonus symbol and go through to play the bonus wheel game.

The betting range for Viral Spiral is 10p to £120 per spin. To adjust their bet levels, players can toggle their stake up and down using the tool located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Further information, including a short tutorial and a display of the paytable, can be found via the menu button in the right-hand corner of the screen. The spin and auto spin buttons are located in the centre of the screen.
Volatility for this slot is rated in the high range. The return to player percentage for Viral Spiral is 95.69%, which is below average. The biggest payout that players can win on one spin is 5,000x your stake.


The only feature here is the bonus reel feature, triggered when players land the bonus symbol on the reels. The bonus wheel, as explained above, has eight sections – four losing segments, three small prizes and one large prize.
The first bonus spin granted will be played on a wheel where the winning segments are larger than the losing segments – giving players a 75% chance of winning. Subsequent wheels, however, have winning segments that diminish in size.
If you land on a prize segment, all prizes are increased on the wheel and players are then given a choice between collecting their prize or gambling by re-spinning the wheel to try and find a bigger prize.

If you are lucky enough to land on the big golden prize, the next wheel prizes grow by an even larger amount. Landing on a losing segment loses all prizes and returns you to the base game. You are allowed to gamble only three times per prize wheel. The smallest win you can achieve is 15x the stake, with the top prize being 5,000x the stake.
This game also comes with a nudge feature, meaning that sometimes if a bonus symbol almost lands in the base game, it can be nudged to trigger the bonus wheel game. Finally, this game also provides a player gambling strategy that helps you get the most out of this game. However, do remember that the game is trying to win as much money off you as possible.


Truly this is a unique game not seen before, and much praise has to be sent Red Tiger’s way for putting together something so simple yet utterly captivating. That being said, in terms of win potential, players might be summarily disappointed as the feature triggers rarely, and even when it does, it doesn’t guarantee a win. Therefore, make sure you understand how this game operates before playing for real money.

Frequently Asked Questions Viral Spiral

Which studio developed Viral Spiral?

The gaming studio Red Tiger Gaming created this game.

Is there a free spins round for Viral Spiral?


What is the betting range for Viral Spiral?

The stake range for this game is between 10p and £20.

What is the return to player percentage for Viral Spiral?

The RTP for Viral Spiral is 95.69%.

What is the volatility for Viral Spiral?

The volatility for this game is in the high range.

SoftwareRed Tiger Gaming


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