War of Gods

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Slot Details
SoftwareRed Tiger Gaming
Bonus symbolPharaon
Min. Bet 0.10 demo coin
Max Bet. 20 demo coin
Available onCasumo

Overview War of Gods slot

War of Gods is the latest slot release from the studio at Red Tiger gaming, and whilst some developers try to portray the power of Zeus in their games and others try to harness the clout of Hades few bring both Deities together in one game in the way that Red Tiger has.

According to the legends, once the brothers Hades, Zeus and Poseidon had overthrown the Titans, they drew lots to determine which part of the world that they would rule. Zeus was awarded the heaven, Poseidon the sea and Hades got the short straw with the underworld. We can only speculate on why the brothers ended up ruling where they did as this is not clear in this slot. Possibly it is a brother thing, however Hades did abduct Zeus's daughter Persephone so it could be that. Whatever is behind Zeus battling Hades it is a mighty theme which will provide players with a great set of concepts to make use of.

Theme & Symbols

When it comes to the theme Red Tiger have done a marvellous job upbringing sibling rivalry to the fore. War of Gods plays out on a 5- reel grid which is expandable in certain features and the scene is located deep within the fiery underworld amidst fallen columns, Sisyphus with a Boulder on his back and the heavens have lightning rain pouring from them signalling Zeus’s approach. The soundtrack is epic and compliments the theme to provide players with a stunning first impression.

When it comes to symbols War of Gods has plenty on hand, half of which are special symbols only used during the features, whilst the other eight being regular pays. The lower paying symbols are represented by the usual playing card suits clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades and these are then followed by parchment, shields, horn cups, and helms which make up the premium symbols. When playing on the default size screen landing five of the kind wins are as good as it gets, with the high paying wins being worth 4x to 10x the stake. Due to there being so many symbols on the pay table, it probably will come as a surprise when you see that there is no wild in War of Gods.

Game Play

In default mode the grid size used is 5x4, and there are 30 pay lines on which players can land winning combinations of three or more. Unfortunately, the rest of the game does not lead to the same heights. The return to player is rather disappointing as it stands somewhat lower than average at 95.66%, but the maximum potential does little to lift spirits although I will look at this further in the conclusion. Bets starts from just 10p per spin up to maximum of £20 per spin which means that the game will probably appeal to a smaller audience of players. The volatility is high, and the hit frequency tends to come in somewhere between 20% and 30%.


War of Gods is a wild free zone and is also devoid of free spins however there are three bonus games for players to enjoy. These comprise of things such as a Wrath of Zeus, Hades Hellfire, and Warring Gods and there is a lack of light-hearted laughs that go with these higher winning opportunities.

Landing two 1x2 sized Zeus symbols on your first and last reels will activate the Wrath of Zeus feature. In this feature, there will only be high paying Zeus symbols and whenever these 1x1 symbols land they will turn sticky for the entire duration of the feature and could possibly transform into 1x4 super symbols. Also, in this feature there is a special upgrade symbol which could land and if it does it can increase the value of the Zeus symbols by up to 3x, and then landing a line of five of the highest paying Zeus symbols will reward you with 20x your bet. This feature will continue all the time new symbols appear on the reels.

When you land the Hades symbols, they will activate the Hades Hellfire feature where that will only be the high paying Hades symbols. The Hades symbols are held in place when they land and can transform into 1x4 sized paying tiles. In this feature there is a special expanding symbol which could land to expand the grid up to 7x6 in size, therefore increasing the pay lines to 60. For every new row that expands the Hades super symbols are up to 1x6 in size and worth 50x your bet if you land seven of a kind, this feature also comes to an end when no new symbols are landed on your reels.

The third and final bonus game is Warring Gods which is activated when Zeus and Hades land in the base game. Again, this feature uses the Zeus/Hades special symbols, and they can lock and expand when they land. The rules of the game are similar however there is one difference, and this is the upgrade and expand symbols are both available. Should you land a full line of seven Hades/Zeus symbols you will be rewarded with 100x your bet.


War of Gods is a slot that charges off to a great start but does not necessarily go anywhere in particular. The developers at Red Tiger are known for designing stunning looking games and War of Gods is another strong example. The slot comes across as being all about the business and making full use of the theme to create a deep atmosphere that is worthy of the two gods it portrays. The visuals have a biblical quality to them as does the soundtrack and this adds the additional drama element needed.

The gameplay is excellent however like many of the slots from this developer it can take a while to activate the good parts. Hold and Win features are common however rarely do you get three of them in one game or so many variations within them. This slot suggests a comparison Clash of the Beasts from the same developer as in the way you can have one or the other God or both at the same time. In that slot the siblings fight it out and this is where the potential has the best chance for occurring. By best we are referring to a figure of 2,518x the bet which is rather disappointing for a game like this.

War of Gods is brilliantly presented and the features that are offered are great and do provide a lot more complexity than the usual Hold and Win feature. It is a shame that War of Gods is slightly let down by the underperforming statistics and potential returns. Personally, I enjoyed playing this slot and found the pace of the game to be most acceptable and the wins that I amassed made sure I walked away with a profit.

Frequently Asked Questions War of Gods

Which developer is responsible for War of Gods the slot?

War of Gods is from the developers at Red Tiger.

What is the best win available?

The best win offered in this slot is 2,518x the bet amount.

What are the bet amounts in War of Gods?

Bets starts from just 10p per spin up to maximum of £20 per spin which means that the game will probably appeal to a smaller audience of players.

What does the game play take place?

The default mode grid size used is 5x4, and there are 30 pay lines on offer.

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