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Overview of Giza Infinity Reels Slot

Giza Infinity Reels from ReelPlay is a solid sequel to their game mechanic with several new features that ensure players that are familiar with Infinity Reels get a different gaming experience. This slot does post the question of which slot came first, was it Infinity Reels from ReelPlay or was it Infinreels from NetEnt? I believe NetEnt had trademarked their slot two months before ReelPlay got round to releasing theirs but let’s be honest it’s not really our problem.

In this review we can concentrate on the task of putting ReelPlay’s second Infinity slot to the test. In the first slot the action took place in the hot and steamy jungle of South America, and the developers must revel in hot weather because this second in the series takes place in a blisteringly hot desert in Ancient Egypt. Not only have the developers changed the scenery but they have also made some alterations to the bonus game which is a sure draw for the high rollers that are looking to bet large.

Design and Theme

Before we look at the setting, you will see that the game begins with a view that is complete with palm trees, columns and the famous Nile. As you watch the reels load up on the default 3x4 screen, the screen pans to the right to reveal additional dusty valleys to provide a strong and well documented theme.

The soundtrack used could easily be mistaken for some traditional Egyptian flutists having a jamming session with Kenny G! If it were possible for the pyramids to take people away in the elevators, then this is the type of music they would end up travelling too!


All the symbols that make up the pay table are unique and complement the theme perfectly. On the low side there are six Egyptian symbols such as eyes, lotuses, Ankhs and so on. The higher paying symbols are represented by the ancient deities Horus, Maahes, Sobek, and Anubis who are then rounded off with the Pyramids.

When it comes to landing wins, you need to form clusters of 5 or more matching symbols, and you should be aware that working how much they pay may seem a little confusing at first but it won’t take you too long to figure it out. In a nutshell the number of symbols that create the cluster are multiplied by the coin value and then multiplied by any win multiplier if there is one. You see easy when you know how!

Betting and RTP

Fortunately, the betting side of things is far more straightforward, and you can place bets that start at just 20p per spin to a maximum of £25 per spin. With the return to player the first Infinite Reels allowed players to collect free spins which in turn affected the return to player. This collection option does not come into play in this slot it simply has a straight 96.45% RTP. You don’t have to let this worry you though as the gamble feature that has been added to this slot can affect things. When it comes to the volatility, I would classify the slot as medium to high and with the free spin hit rate, I had this is a little on the low side but not too bad.


When it comes to features Giza Infinity Reels offers some solid wins with the most frequent feature being the actual Infinity Reels. When you land a win, a new reel adds on to the right-hand side of your grid and continues all the time you land winning symbols. This increases the size of your winning cluster and for every new reel your wins will be multiplied by +1. This re-sets to x1 with new spins that take place. There is one extra, and this comes in to play if you manage to reach 15 reels and this takes the form of a jackpot that is worth 888x your stake adding to the reel wins you have already landed.

There is some potential in the base game, but you will land the better winnings in the bonus games. Any win that you land which involves the Pyramids activates the free spins and you are awarded 10 free spins. One benefit is the win multiplier, but this does not reset it merely stays the same or increases. Consecutive wins can boost how the win multiplier increases up to +5.

When the free spins come to an end you can gamble the amount that you have won. You can gamble up to a maximum of 5x the total you originally won and the best thing with this is that you cannot lose all of your winnings as this slot guarantees that you will always leave with x0.5 – x1 of your total winnings.
Where available you may also have the option to skip the base game by using the bonus buy feature, this feature will cost you 75x your stake and whilst this may sound huge you are guaranteed to land a pyramid win on the following spin which then triggers the bonus game.

Final Thoughts

I think that the developers have done a sterling job with this second Infinity Reels release and if you enjoyed the first in the series you are sure to enjoy this one. The Infinity reels are equally as effective and at least the developers haven’t removed any of the best features such as the 15-reel jackpot. Although the chance to collect free spins has gone, the changes they have made make the two slots stand alone on their own merits.

When it comes to win potential there are wins of up to 1,245x your stake in the base game and a massive 10,000x your stake in the bonus game, but remember that these figures do factor the 888x jackpot that is on offer.
If I had to compare this slot to the first, I can say that the graphics have been overhauled and this is a definite improvement, but the most important thing is the different possibilities that are on offer. For example, there is the gamble feature that will be attractive to the more experienced thrill seekers. Generally, I think that Giza Infinity Reels is a brilliant sequel that offers a powerful demonstration of what you can achieve when playing with the Infinity Reels mechanic.

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