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SoftwareRelax Gaming

Ignite the Night

Imagine a beach with the sun setting on the water. A tiki bar is to your left and beautiful people playing music and taking in the sun are all around you. That is the setting for Ignite the Night, an online slot game from Relax Gaming. Now, I did say “imagine.” Because while the sunset and the tiki bar are there, the people are not (well except for two symbols on the slot reels). But the game can be quite rewarding as this 5 reel, 10 payline game offers multiple free spins that offer great chances for wins. So head down to the beach for a party at sunset with Ignite the Night.


A party on the beach is the theme of ignite the night. Tropical fruits, fire dancers, musical instruments, and a tiki bar all encourage players that a party is happening. The only issue is players will be mighty lonely at that party. A few bystanders standing around the beach enjoying the beautiful weather would have really sold players on the theme of the game.

But players do get to see the two fire dancers (the two highest paying symbols) appear as they collect their winnings on the free spin level. Players begin with 5000 credits. The game’s 10 paylines are fixed. Players also have no control over the betting level. They can only control the bet. The max bet is 100. And while players who play the max bet take the risk of losing their balance quickly, that max bet can often pay out nicely with the game’s frequent free spin modes.


Ignite the Night features 11 symbols. The low value symbols are all fruits. And each of the four fruits (coconut, pineapple, watermelon, and kiwi) all carry the same values paying out 400 for x5. The high value symbols start with the bongo drum carrying a payout of 750 for x5. The maracas check in next at 1000 for x5. After the maracas is a guitar at 1250 for x5. And the highest two symbols are the male and female fire dancers.

The male pays out at 1500 for x5, while the female pays out at 2000 for x5. Each of the high value symbols often features a random multiplier of up to 50 times on the symbol. The Wild replaces any symbol on the board. And the scatters, when players receive three, grant players a free spin level. Players are guaranteed 10 free spins on the free spin level. And most of the time, players will earn more than 10 spins over the course of the bonus level. Two scatters during the free spins will produce 5 more spins, while three scatters will produce 10 more spins. Multipliers increase significantly on the free spin level. Every win increases the multiplier on free spin levels for a high value symbol.

This is probably the best opportunity players will have to achieve the x50 multiplier. And players get a bonus spin if a multiplier increases on the last bonus spin. And lastly, the 15 spins following a free spin round produce a greater chance for players to earn more free spins. So following a free spin round is a great time to increase your bet.

Review of Ignite the Night

Image wise, Ignite the Night really misses an opportunity. The bare beach sitting behind all the symbols of a beach party on the reel just doesn’t feel right. But the game more than makes up for that with big winnings. Few games have a free spin level that produces as many frequent wins as Ignite the Night does. So while you should not expect much of a party, you should expect solid winnings when you play Ignite the Night.  

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