Midnight Marauder

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SoftwareRelax Gaming
PaylinesCluster Pays
TAGS Latest

midnight-marauder-slotMidnight Marauder is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that puts you in the shoes of a famous bank robber. Specifically, an elusive thief that everyone has been chasing for a long time, but no one has ever managed to catch, is planning to try to break into one of the best protected vaults in the city. This bank guards wonderful jewels and precious stones of inestimable value that are protected by a very sophisticated alarm system. However, even the best systems in the world can fail (especially if the guardian falls asleep).

Here then opens up the possibility of making a rich loot, and you can even manage to secure part of the swag, if you are bold enough! This is, in short, the background to Midnight Marauder, the Relax Gaming slot machine that we will show you on this page. At this point just prepare yourself for the night, watch out if you don't want to get caught and be brave and greedy if you want to take home your share of the loot!

Midnight Marauder's overview

At first sight Midnight Marauder is a slot machine inspired by most popular smartphone games, at least in its main game scheme. As always when we talk about Relax Gaming products, we are faced with a very well designed online slot, with the right atmosphere to make you feel part of this big shot at the bank. Music is full of suspense, background is dark and gloomy as befits a game that is set in the witching hour, after midnight! Game layout is a mighty 6x6. To your eyes it looks like a carpet of sparkling stones, as these are the symbols that make up the paytable of the slot.  Midnight Marauder uses the Cluster Pays system to pay out its winnings.

This means that there are no fixed paylines, but that winning combinations are formed when 5 or more of the same symbols are grouped together. We will also see how the Cluster Pays system can also bring some extra winnings into your pockets, creating a winning cluster symbols that form it make room for other symbols. However, they do it in a somewhat peculiar way: they do not disappear completely, as usually happens in the slots that adopt this mechanism, but a feature called Collect & Multiply is activated. All the same symbols come together in a single bag that remains in play and gives a respin. If other identical symbols appear on the following spin, they enter the bag, multiplying the value accordingly.

Symbols of Midnight Marauder and how to play

In the lower left part of the reels you will find the menu button, from which you can access the rules of the game and also know the paytable. As seen before, most of the symbols in this Relax Gaming slot machine are precious stones. Listing them from the one that pays the least to the one that pays the most, they are a blue rhombus, a green triangle, an amethyst square, a yellow gem, a red hexagon and finally a square diamond. The latter is the most profitable symbol if it becomes part of a winning cluster.

Another symbol that you can see appearing on Midnight Marauder's game lines is the sack where all the same symbols in a cluster end up. This slot does not have the Wild symbol but has a Bonus symbol, which is the robber himself. When 3 Repeated Bonus symbols appear on the reels the special feature of this game kicks off, which is the Free Spins session. To start playing, you will find all the buttons at the bottom of the diagram: you can rotate the reels manually or prefer the autoplay, which can also advance up to infinity. Of course, you shouldn't forget to select your stake, on which your winnings will depend.

Free Spins and other Midnight Marauder Features

At this point you will be curious to know how the Midnight Marauder free spins. They are activated following the appearance of 3 Bonus symbols on the reels. For every other Bonus that activates the function, 2 free spins are added to the basic ones which are 8. If other Bonus symbols appear during the feature, each of them adds another Free Spin. When the feature starts, background changes. You are in fact inside the vault, and in fact it is at this juncture that you can get the biggest winnings. In fact, you can win up to 30,000 times your stake, which is the biggest prize paid out by this Relax Gaming slot machine. This is because the Collect & Multiply feature remains active even during the free spins.

Multiple bag symbols can also appear in the same spin; related wins are always paid at the end. If you are a person who thinks that luck should be at least chased up, you can use the BUY button that appears at the bottom left of the reels, above a bush. This way you can activate the Free Spins feature, without waiting for the Bonus symbols to line up. Price you have to pay is 100 times your stake for 8 Free Spins.

Conclusion: our opinion

Midnight Marauder is a slot machine that is really easy to play. It has no complicated features, and is clearly optimized for mobile devices, so you can play a quick game whenever you want. Certainly the most original feature is the Collect & Multiply, bringing new life to Cluster Pays system and making it even more interesting. Free Spins, which you can be activated whenever you want for a fee, can get you big prizes. In short, there are many reasons to try Relax Gaming's Midnight Marauder slot machine: start a free game right away with the Demo you find on this page.


Midnight Marauder FAQs

Which software house developed Midnight Marauder?

Midnight Marauder it's a brilliant game by the very competend slot developer Relax Gaming.

What's the gameplay of Midnight Marauder?

There are 6 reels and 6 rows, winning combinations are made with a Cluster Pays Mechanism.

What is a Cluster Pays Mechanism?

Unlike most online slots, there are no paylines. In order to make winning combinations, it's needed to form cluster of 5 or more of the same symbol.

What happens when you put togheter a Cluster?

Collect & Multiply feature is activated, thanks to which all the same symbols are grouped in a bag and you get a respin with the bag that remains in play and can collect other identical symbols, if adjacent.

What about Free Spins?

There is a Free Spins mode. It's interesting because it is triggered by 3 bonus symbols or, and this is genious, you can buy it at any moment.

SoftwareRelax Gaming
PaylinesCluster Pays


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