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Overview of Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches Slot

Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches from the gaming developers at Play ‘n’ Go invites you to grab your magnifying glass and give Sherlock Holmes the renowned detective a hand to solve a case. You will take on the criminal underworld to beat them in an amazing bonus game that is crammed with clues.
Although Sherlock may not have been the first fictional detective, he is certainly the most famous. Sherlock made his first appearance in 1887 and is easy to distinguish by his deerstalker, hat, and mysterious pipe smoking. Sherlock had a real knack, and this was being able to know someone’s life story just by looking at them, and you will need to use your power of deduction in this superb slot.

Design & Theme

Although the slot is set within the crime-ridden streets of London in the 19th century, the slot has a feel of Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay. As well as having the same game format the symbols are crystal clear and reels decorated with some ornate designs.


There are two types of symbols you will comes across and these make up two separate groups. There are the low paying weapon symbols and the higher paying suspects. The weapons are made up of a dagger, a pistol, a noose, and a tool and these pay out 0.4 – 1x your stake. The higher paying symbols are the suspects and you can expect to come across a green glassed man, a gold damsel, a suspicious looking man with a cane and a purple lady. These symbols will pay out from 2x to 12x your stake.
There are three wilds that come into play during this slot and these are a standard wild, x2 wild and x3 wild, with every one of them being able to substitute for all the regular symbols to create winning combinations. If you land more than one multiplier wild the values combine and the win can be up to 27x your stake and due to the standard wild being worth 12x your stake on their own a line of x3 wilds will pay you an enormous 324x your stake and believe me this is achievable.

Game Play

It is fun to pretend you are someone you are not every once in a whilst and pretending to be a super sleuth is great. You will see that case cracking takes place on a standard 3x3 grid with 9 fixed pay lines (meaning that they are always all in use) to provide a classic fruit style slot set up.
When it comes to placing your bet, the minimum is 10p per spin going up to a maximum of £100 per spin which is a good range and is bound to appeal to many different types of players. The developers have given the slot a medium volatility rating at 5/10 and the default return to player is set at 96.22%, however it is worth remembering that the operators at Play ‘n’ Go have sway over the return to player and therefore you should always check this before you begin playing. Whilst Play ‘n’ Go never disclose the hit frequency for their slots because of the fruit slot elements it is likely that this slot will fall on the lower side of the spectrum.

Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches: Features

When it comes to playing the main game it is relatively straightforward, although it is complete with a couple of features to provide you with something additional. The features on offer are the re-spins, Mystery feature and the Bonus feature and all of these come into play thanks to the scatter.
If you have scatter on two if your reels in view the Re-spins feature is activated, the two reels where the scatters are will be locked whilst the third reels spins again with the hope of landing a further scatter. If a third scatter does not land, then the Mystery feature becomes activate instead then each of the scatters in view duplicate to cover their reels and reveals either a weapon or suspect symbol.

You can activate the Free Spins feature by securing three scatters anywhere on your reels and this is where the slot becomes a little more complicated and you may find that you need to use your power of deduction wisely. You will be presented with a board that has 14 spaces covered up and every space conceals a clue. The feature provides five of the clues and one is given out at the start whilst the other four are obtained as you move around the board. You will see a dice which is rolled four times and can move you on between one and six spaces. Every clue rewards you with 1 – 3 free spins, plus one of four spin variations which are made up of all the weapon symbols turning into the same weapon, all the suspect symbols change into the same suspect. Wild reel guaranteed or nothing at all just best luck next time.

You need to land 1, 2 or 4 winning spins in the free spins feature to complete the clue. This provides you with clue points which are used to fill up the Clue Point Wheel meter. If your meter is full after the four dice rolls you are rewarded with a Mega Spin. Players must obtain 1, 2 or 4 winning spins during free spins to complete the clue. This gains clue points to fill a Clue Point Wheel meter. If the meter is fully charged after the 4 dice rolls have been used, the player is awarded a Mega Spin. A Mega Spin equates to one free spin, where your reels are fully wild or have a multiplier wild whilst your two other reels hold a weapon or suspect. After your Mega Spin, the bonus is activated.
If your meter is not charged once you have played out the four dice rolls, the Clue Point Wheel feature begins to play, the meter will then expand, spin and if you manage to land the arrow in the charged area, then you will be rewarded with a Mega Spin.

Final Thoughts

The best way I can sum up this slot is that it is a slot of two halves, the base game, and the features. The base game is relatively simple although the features are rather complex, but you will be pleased to know that they are a lot easier to play than they are to write about! In a nutshell this slot is about you moving around the board collecting additional spins and rewards as and when you solve the clues.

It is fair to say that this is not going to be everyone’s ideal slot but there are some real positives such as the bonus round which can go on for what seems to be ever but it certainly provides good value and entertainment for your coins. Not only this the feature does have the potential to be incredibly lucrative with spins that can be worth up to 5,000x your stake.
Personally, I would not describe this as a high-powered gambling game, as it is more of a fun wander along Baker Street. The slot is beautifully presented even though a little simplistic but the cartoon that is present works well with the features and overall feel of the game.

If I had to sum up this slot, I would see it as reasonably gritty in the way a theme park would be places in one of the most dangerous parts of London. This may not be the slot for hardened gamblers, but this will not be a problem as there are plenty of players who want to play with a smaller element of risk. This is a solid slot from Play ‘n’ Go which resembles an old time fruit slot with all of the modern day bells and whistles!

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