Templar Tumble

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SoftwareRelax Gaming
Bonus symbolWild
Min. Bet 0.20 demo coin
Max Bet. 50 demo coin
Available onCasumo

Overview Templar Tumble

This unusual but gripping medieval-themed slot game takes players back to the first crusades into the Holy land, around 1096. This is when the Knights Templar were just hitting their stride as England’s crack fighting force. Relax Gaming was probably not thinking about any of this when creating the game, however. They were probably more conscious of the pleasing alliteration of ‘Templar Tumble’. What we can glean from this title is that the game is likely to have a lot of Knight characters in it and that it will use a tumble or cascade game mechanic.

Templar Tumble also has an attractive array of bonuses. These include mystery symbols, instant cash wins and a top-quality free spin round, which takes place on an expanded format of the original game board. The true allure of this game is the amazing number of available pay lines. When the game reaches its full potential, it offers an incredible 117,649 pay lines. With this many ways to win, players should like their odds of scoring a few top wins.

Theme and Symbols

Relax Gaming has chosen to set this game in what looks like a field of battle. This background is dominated by a stone church which takes up the centre of the screen. The watercolour background and sandstone church/castle are fantastically rendered to a very high quality. Particularly impressive are the stone statues that flank the game window to the left and the right of the board. One is of a crusader Knight dressed in full regalia, the other is some sort of mythical creature similar to a Phoenix or a Dragon. Both lend a sense of fantasy excitement to the game’s appearance.

The symbols for this game are just as well decorated and take the form of everything from a glowing tree of life icon to the gold and silver Knight’s helmet. Lower value symbols are a range of heraldic emblems in one block colour. These are imprinted onto the stone slabs which tumble into place from the top of the reels.

Alongside these lower paying symbols are the more valuable icons. These are the rampant lion, the bird of prey, the Knight’s signet ring and the bright green tree of life. Predictably the Knight’s helmet is the most valuable symbol. If you land 5 or 6 of these in combination, the game will award players 2x their current stake.

Game Play

Templar Tumble is played on a 6-reel, 7-row grid. However, this grid is not like a regular game board in that at the start of every spin, some of the available positions are blocked off. This means that the pay lines for every spin vary depending on the spin and the subsequent cascades which players manage to trigger. You create a winner in this game by landing the medieval symbols in matching combinations on the reels starting from the left-most reel.
You can unlock positions by scoring wins, the more wins that you land the greater the number of available pay lines.

Your betting crusade starts with setting your stake limits which can be chosen in the range of 10p to £50 per spin. To change your bet per spin, you can use the plus and minus symbols located on the bottom of the screen to the left of the spin button. This menu also contains the auto spins tool as well as access to the game's information and the pay table. The return to player percentage for Templar Tumble is 96.25% a touch over average. The variance is determined to be in the medium to high range by the studio, so there is a fair chance there might be a few dead spins before you come across a profitable one. The top payout that players can achieve on one spin playing Templar Tumble is a truly impressive 17,280 x your total stake.


Templar Tumble has a selection of bonus games that add extra layers to the player’s experience. These are as follows: tumbling/cascading reels, mystery symbols and a potentially rewarding free spins round. The first feature as mentioned is the tumbling reels feature. The tumbling reels are key to players succeeding in this game. Every time that you land a win, the symbols involved in that win are removed from the grid and are replaced immediately by a new set which ‘tumble’ into their place.

In addition to giving you extra chances to score wins, each tumble also destroys the blockers that prevent more symbols from filling up the grid. This dynamic increases the available pay lines for the game. Remember that there is an amazing 117,649 pay lines that can be unlocked.

The next feature is the mystery symbols feature. This is activated when a wild lands on the grid somewhere between reels 2 and 6. Should this happen, between 3 and 8 blocker symbols will morph into mystery symbols. These special symbols do not come into the game until the player triggers a winless spin. When this happens, the mystery symbols have two abilities that are at their disposal. They will either all transform into the same symbol – creating a new way to win (a pay calculation follows the transformation). Or they will all turn into instant cash coins which have multiplier values on them, creating a prize in the range of 1x to 1,000x your current stake.

Lastly, there is the free spins feature. To trigger this feature, you must unblock all of the positions on the grid by destroying the blockers with multiple tumbles. The free spins round starts with 6 available free spins played on the fully maximised 6x7 grid.
If you land a wild whilst within the free spins round, between 3 and 6 of the regular symbols will magically transform into mystery symbols. These as explained before can turn into cash multipliers or matching symbols, both of which are advantageous for your bottom line. If you are granted coins, however, each one will add one more spin to your tally.
There is a feature buy option for Tumble Tower which allows you to instantly trigger the free spins. Buying the free spins will cost you 80x your stake. Buying the free spins feature instantly ups the RTP to 96.92%. Sadly though, this feature is not available in the UK.


Templar Tumble checks a lot of the boxes when it comes to a quality online slot. It has engaging and not overworked theme. It includes a range of gaming dynamics, keeping play fresh throughout each feature. It has a ludicrously large amount of available pay lines and it has a simply astronomical top payout. The only thing that players might not like, is that the feature buy element hasn’t been included for players registered in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions Templar Tumble

What is the return to player percentage for Templar Tumble?

The RTP rate for Templar Tumble is a fairly average 96.25%

Can I play Templar Tumble for free?

Yes, there is a demo mode of the game that you can play which does not require you to put any money on the line.

Can you play Templar Tumble on your mobile?

This slot has been optimised to work on desktop, mobile and tablet with seamless compatibility.

When was Templar Tumble released?

Templar Tumble was released on March 24, 2021.

What is the top payout for Templar Tumble?

The max payout from one spin is 17,371x your stake.

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