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Roulette Advanced Free

Roulette Advanced is the perfect introduction for those that are not au fait with the game and just wish to give it a go without having to bet the earth. This game is simple and the player starts the game by choosing the marker on the number or numbers that they wish to bet on. Once all of the bets are in place they just click the spin button to activate the roulette ball or there is the option to use quick spin if the player does not wish to wait for the ball to stop rolling.

The winning number will then be announced by a voice and also shown on the lower left hand side of the screen, and players can also see the recent winning numbers displayed here and the HOT or COLD numbers (hot meaning those that have won and cold those that rarely come up). At the end of each of the rounds the player gets to choose either the same bets, or to clear these bets and choose others before spinning and starting all over again.

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