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Pulsar Slot Machine Introduction

Pulsar is one of the latest slots to be released and plays out over 3-reels with 20 fixed pay lines. This slot will see you soaring through the cosmos whilst collecting exploding secrets, treasures and prizes in all areas of the intergalactic skies. So, if you are ready to deal with the mighty Pulsar read on.

Game Play

Once you have loaded up the game the first thing you need to so is select “Play” and your adventure will get underway. You can choose your bet amount by using the arrows at the bottom of your home screen. All that is left for you to do is activate the spin button and send your reels into motion, and of spinning your reels becomes tiresome select the auto play feature, then sit back and watch the game unfold before you.

In this cosmic slot you have a galaxy of rewards waiting for you with dense stars pulsating with energy to create cascading wins. Keep your eye out for the exploding Neutron Stars as they add to the chaotic cosmos helping to create even more wins. The highest reward you can land is 150x your bet, which is worth hanging around for. Pulsar provides you with a truly spectacular space trek and offers expertly created graphics and a superb soundtrack, not forgetting a great variety of prizes too.

Symbols and Features

Pulsar does not have any wilds, scatters or symbols that can substitute for others to create winning combinations. However, you must not let this put you off as there are some great features which we will look at shortly.
When it comes to wins and the value of the symbols you will see the highest values are assigned to the big planets. The highest valued symbol is the sun which provide 150x your bet. Jupiter pays 80x your bet and Uranus and Saturn both ay x40 your bet. The asteroids and smaller planets will reward you with wins from 5x to 15x your bet. All these wins are for wins created by landing five of the same symbols on a single pay line.

Cascading Wins

Once you have landed winning symbols and received your pay outs, the symbols are removed from your game screen and replaced with new ones to make it easy for you to land any new winning combinations. The cascading symbols continue to drop until you have no winning combinations in show, and this signals the end of the feature.

Neutron Stars

You can expect to see four different Neutron Stars, and everyone has a very distinctive blast pattern. Every time you land a Neutron Star it will be randomly provided with a number from three to one. Once the Neutron Star countdown gets to zero it explodes and destroys all the symbols that are within its blast area and all the symbols that have exploded are then replaced with randomly chosen regular symbols.


Even though the is no free spin feature offered in Pulsar I would still recommend giving the slot a spin. The cascading wins are complemented hugely by the Neutron Stars countdown feature. For me being able to play a demo of Pulsar is great as it means you can really get a grip of the game mechanics without risking any of your money until you are ready to start playing for real. I would highly recommend Pulsar it is a colourful slot that is great fun and offers some excellent win opportunities.

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