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Slot Details
Demo ModeOn
Free Spins Yes
Most valuable symbol Witch
Min. Bet 0.2 demo coin
Max Bet. 20 demo coin
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candy-witch-slotIf you love horror movies and online games, chances are you’re going to like Candy Witch. This colorful and exciting online game from Simpleplay brings the worlds together and delivers an online slot machine that is fun to play and delivers excellent RTP advantages and features. 

Candy Witch Overview 

Candy Witch is a themed online slot machine game. It uses a Halloween theme based on the popular children’s classic Hansel and Gretel. There is a 5-reel, 3-column grid populated with Halloween candy and playing cards. Increase the scatter meter and trigger the feature games. 

Candy Witch also has an excellent RTP rate. The RTP rate is the possibility of winning with the online game; it refers to the amount of money returns to the player on average, based on how much they stake. In the case of Candy Witch, the RTP rate is 97.06, which is significant.    

candy-witch-symbol1Theme and Design 

Candy Witch is both dark and bursting with color. The game is set in a spooky wood where there lives a witch who wears a skimpy outfit. Hansel and Gretel are also in the story. The witch stands at one side of the grid containing the witch’s candy, and Gretal stands at the other. 

When the grid spins, Gretel and the witch hammer the side of the grid, which sends them crashing into each other. Meanwhile, poor Hansel is trapped in a cage in the background. The sound effects are also entertaining; Gretel grunts like a tennis player and the music is spooky.     


candy-witch-symbol2Candy Witch gameplay is conventional and straightforward; it uses a standard 5-reel, 3-column grid with fixed pay lines and a minimum coin value of 0.20. The maximum coin value is 20.00. Since the pay lines are fixed at 30, the minimum bet level is 6.00, and the maximum is 60.00. 

In terms of symbols on the pay lines, there are 12 regular ones that you will become quickly familiar with. These include the witch and Gretel, a bag of jelly beans, a jar of sweets, a pumpkin bauble, Hansel, and six playing cards. There are also additional scatter symbols.   

Candy Witch Symbols 

Each of the symbols has a different value which contributes to the final result. Bets can be placed with values that range from 6.00-60.00, and the payable values range from 3X to 5X. Some symbols hold more value than others, for instance, the Candy Witch at 5 =100. 

5=100 is the highest symbol value, but it’s shared by other symbols such as Gretel and the Sweet bag. On the level below, there is a jar of jelly beans, a pumpkin, and Hansel, all of which hold a 5=75 value. Values then move to 5=50 for the playing cards, including King, Queen, Ace.      

candy-witch-symbol3Candy Witch Features

Candy Witch features two free games that are triggered by the scatter symbol meters situated at the top left and right of the grid screen. The free games can be triggered independently or in tandem based on the number of scatters collected. Game one is always triggered first. 

When game one is triggered, twelve free spins are awarded. The line bet is the same in the triggered game, but stacked wilds of four appear during the first spin up to a total of 240 wilds. These additional wilds are added to each spin and rise incrementally in multiples of four. 


Candy Witch has an intriguing theme that is dark and colorful at the same time; it also has excellent playability and plenty of free spin action to keep you interested in the game. That said, many experienced online gamers might find the base game a little bit mundane. 

If you want an online game that’s intrigued and colorful with the chance of good returns, then Candy Witch is worth a look. While the base game might be straightforward and mundane for advanced players, there are free game features that trigger, often keeping you engaged. 

Candy Witch FAQs

What does RTP mean?

RTP stands for Return to Player; it refers to the system of stakes and returns within the game.

What is the variance and RTP of Candy Witch?

The RTP of Candy Witch is 97.06, meaning there is a high chance of winning on Candy Witch.

Are the spins on Candy Witch random?

Absolutely. Random number generators are used to spin the wheels; there is no human intervention or programmed systems for generating spins.

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