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for playing with Vanessa:
Slot Details
Demo ModeOn
Free spins Yes
Most valuable symbol Vanessa
Min. Bet 0.1 demo coin
Max Bet. 20 demo coin
TAGS Latest

vanessa-slotVanessa is an online slot developed by SimplePlay. It's a five-reel, thirty pay-line machine that has an RTP of 96%. The high variance makes this Asian themed anime-style game appealing to players looking for a more intense experience with their gambling investments - because they know every bet could bring them big bucks! With features including free spins and Wheel Of Fortune bonus round as well progressive jackpot reaching up to 7 figures, these slots have something everyone wants from top-ranking games in the industry today.

Overview of Vanessa

This is a slot with a high variance. It means that every single spin has the potential to bring big bucks, but it could also mean your bankroll won't last as long as you want if luck isn't on your side! The payouts are worth going for, though, because they're immense – reaching up into seven figures in progressive jackpot prizes! 

Free spins and Wheel Of Fortune bonus round feature can be re-triggered during regular play. This game gives players a chance to win different bonuses, including Wilds, Scatters and multipliers, so there's something here for everyone from top-ranking games in the industry today.

vanessa-symbol2Theme and Design

When looking at the characters in this game, it is clear how much effort went into their design. The setting also offers some surprises with mixed aesthetics, such as lasers, swords versus guns; however, there's no denying they're all intriguing topics for discussion among fans of either genre! But if I had to point out any flaws within these fascinating worlds- well, let's say someone might find themselves rolling their eyes when every female companion exhibits an excessively large bust.

Vanessa Symbols

vanessa-symbol1The slot begins with an energetic soundtrack that promises tension and adventure. Winning spins come alive as the player watches, while animations showcase what is happening in real-time- even if it's just for a second or two before moving onto another scene! Most importantly, though? There she stands beside you: Vanessa herself - using her powers to change from schoolgirl mode into whatever other personages might be necessary at any given moment based on whether their needs arise during gameplay.

A huge part of this experience relies heavily upon the story because without one, then we wouldn't have anything enjoyable whatsoever else to look forward to. With this in mind, it's clear how much effort went into making the art style of Vanessa match up with her background story.

Vanessa Features

Like many Simpleplay free play slots, the original bonus features are about much more than scatters and wild symbols: 

  • Free spins. The third reel will only contain trigger icons; if you land this lucky win, then your opponent gets whipped into submission while also losing three lives from their total of 6! After that happens, power-ups may appear on top where players can choose between two different ones (warrior swordsman or thief whip), which make them stronger for future battles until one eventually dies by his own hand when he reaches zero health points, so there's no going back after death here in Sengoku era Japan.
  • Wheel of Fortune bonus round. Players could potentially win up to x500 their total bet with this feature, and it's activated by landing three scatter icons on the first, third and fifth reels during regular play. This takes players to a new screen where they can choose between two different wheels in order to get their rewards. One wheel offers smaller rewards but with a higher frequency, while the other has bigger payouts, but they come less often.


The buttons lining the very top of your screen are not just for show. Click on these to learn more about what they do, starting with bet log and moving down through other information, paytable (which has a list of symbols along with some basic controls), volume slider that you can use to adjust how much background music is heard during gameplay; this also determines whether sound effects play at all or only "click" sounds like when coins fall into slot machines go off). There's also a balance bar that updates in real-time as long as you don't quit!


Vanessa is a truly original slot that combines thrilling gameplay and features with an immersive experience. The graphics are atmospheric; free spins offer excitement for players who love to take risks in their favourite video game or anime series; there's even female empowerment thrown into the mix! For those looking for more colourful bonuses or progressive jackpots on top of Vanessa's already vast array of them, then try Skywind Respin King Slots.

Vanessa FAQs

What are the minimum and maximum bets for the game?

Minimum bet is £0.01 and the maximum bet is £50.00.

What are the different bonus features in the game?

The different bonus features in the game include free spins, Wheel of Fortune bonus round, and Symbols.

What are the different symbols in the game?

The different symbols in the game include a police officer, a warrior, a king, and a queen.

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