Skywind Group is a company founded in 2012 by a group of people who had been working in the gambling world for years. From the beginning, Skywind's mission was to provide innovative solutions for iGaming, in order to contribute to the development of the sector and to offer increasingly cutting-edge products to the gamers audience.


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Skywind in short

Skywind’s portfolio includes software that can work on different devices, including mobile ones, and that are always in compliance with the regulations in force in the countries in which they will be distributed.

  • Skywind produces software for gambling
  • Skywind products are aiming at an international audience
  • By its nature, Skywind is devoted to innovation 

Skywind slot machines 

Skywind currently has an offer that consists of around 300 titles which include different casino games, such as table games. But the heart of its production are undoubtedly the slot machines, which stand out for their extremely captivating graphics and cutting-edge game mechanisms. The design and development team that works at Skywind always tries to push their boundaries forward, to explore the countless possibilities that are offered today by computer graphics and computer programming. Passion, which has always been the prime mover of Skywind, led them to create slot machines that entered the collective imagination of gamblers in a very short time. Based fully on tradition, but also on mainstream titles borrowed from other forms of video entertainment, this software house has packaged products that combine very high appeal with gambling tools allowing you to get the most fun out of every game.

Skywind is above all aware that each different partner has different needs. This is why the titles of its slot machines always try to embrace a wide range of themes and above all of characteristics. In the Skywind portfolio you will find slots with few paylines and low volatility, designed for players who do not want to risk too much but above all love to have fun spin after spin. However there are also more complex slot machines, with numerous paylines and high volatility, designed for those players who, on the contrary, want to try to win large sums when they play. Remember that on our site you can try all Skywind slots for free. To be able to play with your own money, all you have to do is sign up for an online casino instead.

Some Skywind slots

To give you an overview of the Skywind, here are some of the slot machine titles that you can find on this page and which are representative of this software house.

  • Rain Balls: This 5-reel, high-volatility slot machine illustrates well how Skywind is able to give a whole new face to even the most established tradition of slot machines. The setting of this title is Ireland and all its symbolism linked to luck: the green hat, the horseshoe, the cauldron full of gold coins and above all the four-leaf clover. Rain Balls is a singular mix between slot machine and pinball machine, with metal balls falling from shamrocks to end up in cauldrons of gold and giving life to many special features.
  • Rambo: there are many slot Skywind famous characters from the big and small screen. In this case the protagonist of this slot is Rambo, the Vietnam veteran who has been played in numerous films by Sylvester Stallone. The peculiarity of the slot is that the player himself can take on the role of Rambo. Above the reels of the slot there is in fact a screen showing the subjective images of a live action video game. The successes that Rambo manages to obtain during his mission have immediate repercussions on the dynamics of the game and on the succession of spins.
  • La Gallina d’Oro: with this title the Skywind creative team wanted to pay homage to one of the most famous slots ever on the italian market, the Fowl Play Gold, better known as Slot Gallina. The original concept, that of the goose that lays the golden eggs that helps the player to increase his winnings, is reworked with modern and captivating graphics and with many additional functions that make each game session a continuous surprise. Try waking up one of the five dozing hens on the reels and see what happens!
  • Stra Trek: The Next Generation: we have illustrated a slot taken from the big screen, but Skywind takes inspiration, often and willingly, also from the small screen. This slot machine is dedicated to StarTrek: The Next Generation, taking its cue from the characters and settings of one of the most famous science fiction TV series ever. Also in this case the standard game, or the succession of spins, is accompanied by a real interstellar adventure in which the player can feel an active part of the Enterprise crew.

Enjoy slot machines Skywind

Skywind is a provider that provides games that can be taken as an example for the definition of game entertainment. If online gambling is aimed above all at trying to get cash winnings, we must never forget that it is first of all game, so it must satisfy the playful side. Skywind slot machines do it in a masterly way, very often combining the computer graphics of video games with the more traditional one of online slots. Each game can be defined as an experience, satisfying for the eyes but also for the gambling! Skywind slots that we offer on our site in for fun mode and you will not be disappointed: you can also find them in the selection of the best online casinos.

Skywind FAQs

What is Skywind?

Skywind is a provider that provides gambling for online casinos.

Does Skywind also make slot machine titles?

Yes, slot machines are the preponderant part of the Skywind portfolio.

What is Skywind inspired by for its slots?

Skywind is inspired by classic slots and hit movies and TV shows, as well as using many other creative ideas.

Can I play Skywind slots using my own money?

On our site you can try them for free, in online casinos you can play them using your own money.

Is it difficult to win at Skywind slots?

Skywind slots are many and all with different characteristics. Always check volatility, paylines and RTP before starting to play.


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