The world of gambling enthusiasts seems to split in two when it comes to two very different games: Bingo and Slot Machines. Those who love slot machines hate Bingo, as they find it boring, monotonous and repetitive: in short, it's deemed to be an "old man" game. Those who love to play bingo, on the other hand, don't appreciate video slots, which are too fast, too adrenaline-pumping, packed with additional features and requiring additional time to understand. What if we told you that there is instead a way to get everyone to agree? It's called Slingo and Slingo Originals provides a lot of these games.

Slingo Originals in short
Game ModeFree
Average RTP of Slots 96%
Year 1994
Free spins Bonus Available
Scheme 5x5
License UK Gambling commission
Special Symbols Wild ,  Joker
Most played Slingo games Slingo Starburst

Slingo Originals

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Slingo Originals is not completely new, because it’s been around since the 1990s. As the name itself suggests, it is a curious union between Slots and Bingo, which not only reconciles the most diverse positions but can also guarantee entertainment and interesting winnings.

The history of Slingo Originals

Basically we have already explained what Slingo is: a game that seems to have succeeded in the impossible feat of combining the rules of slot machines and those of Bingo. The slingo was born in 1994 from the idea of Sal Falciglia Sr., who was a New Jersey real estate agent. Falciglia founded the company Slingo, Inc. which was later purchased by RealNetworks to finally pass to whoever still owns the brand, Gaming Realms, today Slingo Originals. Slingo immediately gained great popularity in the UK, probably due to the fact that Bingo is also very popular in the UK. Today it is very popular in online casinos because it is a game that lends itself very well to quick, streamlined and fun games. Slingo Originals is now much loved by those who use their smartphone above all to play, because it adapts particularly well to this type of device.

How to play Slingo by Slingo Originals

So, the Slingo is the union between the slot machine Bingo. But how does this apparently impossible marriage actually take place? Try to imagine a game pattern that is somewhere between the reels of a slot machine and a Bingo card. The scheme is 5×5 and houses a series of numbers between 1 and 75. You have spins, like in slots, in a specific number (usually 20) to be able to discover the numbers you have on the table. Every time you manage to align 5 of them in any direction, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, you make a Slingo and win the corresponding prize. However, the highest prize is obtained if you manage to uncover the entire grid, which is always 5×5 in size.

This is the basic gameplay, which as you can see is really basic. But then there may be additional features that enliven every game a little, mostly borrowed from slot machines. 

  • Special symbols: For example, there can be special Wild or Scatter symbols. These special symbols appear on the 5 numbered reel which is usually found at the bottom, below the game grid. Here the drawn numbers appear, the ones you need to eliminate from your table. In addition to the numbers, the Jokers may appear, which allow you to select a number to your liking in the column immediately above the Joker itself. Sometimes even more Jokers can appear together, which could pay out prizes.
  • Free Spins: Just like in online video slots, while playing Slingo Originals you may also get one or more free spins that allow you to try to eliminate other numbers from your grid without repeating the bet.
  • Additional Prizes: Other special symbols may appear, usually taking the form of a coin, which pay out instant prizes.
  • Devil: Beware of this symbol! It usually has a negative effect on the game, for example it could steal points or prevent a certain number from appearing.

How do you win at Slingo Originals?

We have seen that the purpose of Slingo is to discover all the numbers that are part of the game grid to win the biggest prize. However, you can also win smaller prizes by completing rows of 5, or there are versions in which you accumulate points and in the end you are paid based on the accumulated points.

Tricks for winning at Slingo

As with any game involving pure luck, there are no special tricks you could use to win at Slingo. However, there are some tricks you can use to try to spin a game in your favor. The general advice is: make the most of the special features, ie the Jokers and the Free Spins. Wilds are useful in that they allow you to personally choose a number to clear from the grid, and your winnings may depend on this choice. Free Spins serve to increase your chances of rolling the numbers you need beyond the number of spins you are given at the start which, as we said, is usually 20.

There is another possibility that you may be data and that you could use in your favor, and is the Buy Bonus. It is a mechanism very similar to that adopted by several slot machines which allows you to buy Free Spins at a certain price. You will be able to personally evaluate whether or not this money is worth investing, to have a better chance of bringing home the highest prize.

All these precautions apply when you play real money, but we remind you that Slingo can also be played in the demo version, so that you can familiarize yourself with this peculiar online gambling game.

Variations of Slingo Originals

Perhaps one of the most interesting and also fun features of the Slingo is that it can have infinite variations, a bit like video slots. For example, you could play the Slingo variant of some of your favorite slots: there is Slingo StarBurst by NetEnt, the Slingo Sweet Bonanza inspired by the Pragmatic Play slot of the same name, and even the Book of Slingo which is clearly a tribute to the queen of video slots, Book of Ra.

If you’ve always thought Bingo was boring, think again after playing Slingo!

Slingo Originals FAQs

What is Slingo?

Slingo is an online game that combines the features of bingo with those of slot machines.

How to play Slingo?

After placing a bet you must try to clear your numbers from the screen, matching them with those that are drawn on each spin.

How do you win at Slingo?

You win either by accumulating points or by completing the grid, thus making Slingo.

Who makes the Slingo games?

There are versions from different providers, but the main one is Gaming Realms.

Where can I play Slingo?

You can play it in the best online casinos, both real money and for free.


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