According to their website: “Swintt strives to increase player engagement through innovations in game design and retention tools. Based on local knowledge and data, our philosophy is to create sustainable iGaming products delivered for a new generation of player.” Bold claims from a relatively new player in the industry and thanks to an exciting array of different games and technological options, they’re packing a significant punch.


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Swintt Gamify

Swintt Gamify offers a full “Gamification suite” that allows users an exciting level of interaction across various devices and games.  This medium provides for “cutting edge” promotional capabilities, real-time program updates and in-game messaging. The Gamify platform allows for an enhanced and more holistic CRM experience that automatically awards points and allows for customer interaction through in-game promotional pages and PUSH notifications. Any form of increased customer interaction allows for greater engagement and this means longer times at play and translates to increased profit-making opportunities.

Real-Time Tournaments

Swintt creates a platform that allows for customers to compete and interact with each other all while playing their favourite games.  The technology makes use of innovative scoring criteria that combine in-game events and achievements in addition to the standard bet and win events.  All of this creates a more interesting and enjoyable overall experience.

Swintt Live

Swintt also makes provision for seamless mobile integration of gaming platforms that allow for mobile gaming with “one hand” that is fast, responsive and highly detail-oriented. Their mobile platforms also allow for live, dealer hosted gaming that allows for a much higher level of customer engagement and enjoyment.  This creates an overall exciting and high-quality experience that is well worth exploring if you’re looking for that level and type of customer-focused gaming engagement.

Swintt Slots

Here is where the company is really making a difference.  For a relatively new organisation to already be enjoying a fast rise to being a major player, says something. Let’s break it down:

  • They have over 40 different online slots games, not a bad presentation for a new company.
  • The quality of these games is generally very high and they offer themed variations and most offer 5×3 reels with a structure of 5 or 10 fixed pay lines and feature a simple layout.
  • Their slots compete favourably with top online providers. 
  • They have a premium range of games that offer stunning graphics and exciting soundtracks that are based on popular themes allowing for player familiarity all while maximising engagement.
  • They’re built on HTML platforms and this means that they’re ideal for just about all devices.
  • Their RTP ratings are possibly one of the only detractors from an otherwise overall positive rating with some offering RTP percentages as low as 90% but with easily searchable options for the better games in their portfolio, this is easily mitigated and the generally high standard of the gaming experience makes them a very viable competitor.

Is Swintt for you?

The answer based on all considerations is “yes”.  As a new developer, you can count on loads of inspired ambition and creativity from Swintt, and this means that you’ll benefit directly from innovative and cutting edge advances in technology and immersive experiences. They’re constantly looking at ways to improve integration across mobile devices and ways to keep their service lightning fast, and it shows. They offer highly intelligent designs and systems that are meant to create and encourage the highest “best possible” level of customer engagement, which in the gaming industry is after all that keeps games profitable. They have a staff of 70 (and growing) in Malta and so are bound by European Union best practice codes and gaming standards. Their premium range of slots promises a much more immersive experience than what gamers might be used to currently with many bonuses or free spins that actually add to the RTP ratings and still keep customers engaged enough to continue gaming.

Why do I want to interact with Swintt Gamify?

A lot of Swintts selling points leads to Gamify and with good reason.  Gamify presents a truly unique experience for customers who want a premium, luxury service – in the palm of their hands.  Dedicated and loyal customers enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to play their best-loved games outside of their usual settings or with friends and fellow games enthusiasts in remote locations and SwinttGamify elevates the entire experience.  It’s fast, very fast and that alone is enough to please the most demanding of standards.

Swintt FAQs

What kind of operator will benefit from Swintt Technology?

Just about any online gaming operator can benefit from the Swintt platform. However, operators that attract a more premium type of gamer will find the technology especially useful.

What is SwinttGamify?

Swintt Gamify offers a full “Gamification suite” that allows users an exciting level of interaction across various devices and games. This medium provides for “cutting edge” promotional capabilities, real-time program updates and in-game messaging.

Can Swintt operate in all jurisdictions?

As with all other casino operators both land-based and online, certain countries have particular restrictions as far as gambling is concerned, so Swintt operates legally wherever legal gambling is permitted.

What is the biggest advantage that Swintt has over other slot providers?

Swintt technology is fast...super fast, even with premium games that have stunning graphics and thrilling soundtracks, so your opportunities for engagement are second to none.


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