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SoftwareTriple Cherry
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big-fisherman-slotExplore the world of fishing in a relaxing yet exciting way with Big Fisherman, an exciting slot from Triple Cherry.

This online casino slot game offers gamers intriguing features, a cool theme, and the potential for massive catches, making Big Fisherman a must-play for slot machine fans.

Big Fisherman Overview

Big Fisherman is an immersive 5x4 reel slot game that takes players to a stunning mountain lake where fantastic rewards await.

Developed by Triple Cherry, this high-volatility slot boasts 20 pay lines and an attractive RTP range of 88.26% to 96.15%, offering players a fair chance at substantial wins.

Big Fisherman stands out with its engaging features, including a Fishing Minigame, multiple Jackpots, Free Spins, and Direct Win Symbols. These elements create a compelling gameplay experience that keeps players hooked spin after spin.

With a hit frequency of 23.12%, Big Fisherman ensures that the action remains steady, providing frequent wins to maintain player engagement.

The game's high volatility (4 out of 5) makes it more exciting, as it promises the potential for significant payouts, albeit with less frequency than lower-volatility games.

Theme and Symbols

In terms of theme, the background of Big Fisherman showcases an expansive, green landscape reflected in the calm waters of a lake, creating a relaxing atmosphere that brings players to this enchanting setting.

The 5x4 reel setup is perfectly integrated into the landscape, with a dark backdrop that allows the colourful symbols to pop, enhancing visibility and player engagement.

Above the reels, players can see the four jackpot amounts: Mini (10.00), Minor (100.00), Major (1,000.00), and Grand (5,000.00), serving as a constant reminder of the big wins at stake.

The symbol set in Big Fisherman is a delightful mix of themed icons. High-paying symbols include five different colourful fish species, while low-paying symbols feature standard card ranks A, K, Q, and J.

Special symbols include the Bonus symbol of a man fishing on a boat, which triggers Free Spins or the Fishing Minigame, and the Wild symbol, which substitutes for all symbols except Bonus.

Free Spins are represented by a buoy with a yellow circular border, and the Fish'Em symbol is a golden fish with "Fish'Em" text. It is used to collect Direct Win Symbols.

The Fishing Minigame introduces additional symbols, such as the fisherman himself and three different fish representing the Mini, Minor, and Major jackpots.

Big Fisherman Features

Big Fisherman offers many features that keep the gameplay exciting and potentially lucrative. The Fishing Minigame, triggered by five Bonus symbols, is an interactive feature where players can catch up to four fish, each representing a jackpot.

To catch a fish, players must weaken it three times, but they risk ending the minigame if they're weakened three times themselves. Jackpot multipliers increase with each fish: Mini (x10), Minor (x100), Major (x1000), and Grand (x5000).

During Free Spins, awarded by landing three Bonus symbols, players enjoy eight free spins on special reels. Direct Win Symbols with multipliers can appear during this phase, collected by the Fish'Em symbol when it lands on the same spin.

These symbols offer instant prize multipliers. The total prize is calculated by adding all multipliers and multiplying by the base game bet.

The Wild Symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus, assisting in forming winning combinations.

Additionally, Big Fisherman features four progressive jackpots (Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand) that players can win through the Fishing Minigame, each offering multipliers ranging from x10 to x5000.

These integrated features create a fun and dynamic gameplay experience, blending skill-based elements with the chance for substantial payouts through Free Spins and jackpot opportunities.


Big Fisherman combines the relaxing fishing theme with the excitement of high-volatility slot play. Triple Cherry has developed and created a slot game experience that will appeal to a wide range of players, from nature enthusiasts to thrill seekers.

The game's high volatility and impressive max multiplier x50000 offer numerous opportunities for massive payouts, making it an attractive option for players seeking large wins.

Furthermore, the interactive Fishing Minigame adds a unique twist to the traditional slot format, providing an engaging experience that sets Big Fisherman apart from its competitors.

The game’s design features a stunning mountain lake backdrop and vibrant, thematic symbols. Additionally, the attention to detail in the game's design, from the animated bubbles to the realistic fish illustrations, makes for an immersive experience that enhances the gaming experience.

Overall, Big Fisherman manages to combine classic slot mechanics with innovative features to create a uniquely engaging experience. With a cool fishing theme, high win potential, and interactive elements, it's worth playing.

Big Fisherman FAQs

What is the RTP rate of Big Fisherman?

The RTP rate of Big Fisherman ranges from 88.26% to 96.15%.

What is the volatility level of Big Fisherman?

Big Fisherman has a high volatility level of 4 out of 5.

What is the maximum win possible when playing Big Fisherman?

Big Fisherman features a max multiplier of x50000.

What is the key bonus feature of Big Fisherman?

The key feature of Big Fisherman is the interactive Fishing Minigame with four progressive jackpots.

Is Big Fisherman available to play on mobile devices?

Yes, Big Fisherman is optimised for play on mobile devices.

SoftwareTriple Cherry


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