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PaylinesHold the Jackpot
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36-coins-slot36 Coins™ is a thrilling slot game that takes players on an exciting slot gaming journey with the potential for significant payouts through the exciting bonus features and base gameplay.

Developed by well-renowned developer Wazdan, responsible for other great slot game titles, has created a game where every spin promises untold riches and jaw-dropping payouts.

In addition, this slot takes the beloved Coins™ series to a whole new level with a mesmerising 6x6 grid boasting an incredible 36 reels, making it a great game with much excitement in online slot gaming.

36 Coins™ Overview

36 Coins™ is a thrilling, high-volatility adventure that balances risk and reward perfectly with a great mix of bonus features.

With an RTP rate of 96.16%, this game offers numerous opportunities to uncover incredible prizes, ensuring a heart-pounding and rewarding experience. Wazdan's approach to creating iconic online casino slot games guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience incorporating the developer's signature features that excite gamers.

Among these features is Cash Infinity™, where symbols stick to the reels until the end of the Hold the Jackpot™ Bonus Game, awarding prizes ranging from 5x to 10x the player’s bet.

Sticky to Infinity™ adds an extra layer of anticipation, with symbols locking in place while others spin, creating new winning combinations and increasing the chances of hitting it big. And Chance Level™, which allows players to personalise their gaming experience by adjusting the volatility levels, putting the power of risk-taking in their hands.

Theme and Symbols

With every spin, every symbol, and every feature, players are invited into an adventure unlike any other when they press the button to start the game.

Design-wise, the game is stunning, with a sleek 6x6 reel set decorated with a golden border and a stunning blue hue in the central tiles, creating an atmosphere of luxury and mystery to captivate players.

The symbols themselves reflect the game's treasure-hunting theme. They include an assortment of coins, enchanting chests overflowing with riches, and mysterious padlocked Mystery and Mystery Jackpot symbols holding the keys to unlocking fantastic rewards.

36 Coins™ Features

Many features in 36 Coins™ elevate gameplay to new heights, providing players of all levels with an unforgettable and rewarding experience. At the core of this slot lies the coveted Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round, offering players the chance to win substantial prizes and experience the thrill of chasing the game’s jackpots.

Furthermore, 36 Coins™ also introduces the Cluster Collector feature. This feature accumulates prizes from Bonus symbols in the base game. At the end of the bonus round, it pays their collective value, increasing the excitement and potential rewards with every spin. The more Bonus symbols players collect, the higher their potential payout, which gives players something to chase.

Other standout features include Cash Infinity™, triggered during the Hold the Jackpot™ Bonus Game. When activated, symbols stick to the reels until the end of the bonus round, awarding prizes ranging from 5x to 10x your bet. Players can win up to 10x their initial bet if they successfully trigger this feature.

One of the most exciting aspects of 36 Coins™ is the Chance Level™ feature. This feature allows players to personalise their gaming experience by adjusting the volatility levels, which refer to the risk involved in playing a particular slot game.

This level of customisation with the Chance Level™ feature ensures that every spin is tailored to players' preferences and risk appetite, making 36 Coins™ a genuinely engaging and personalised gaming experience.

With three distinct options – x2, x5, and x10 – players can increase their chances of activating the Hold the Jackpot™ Bonus Game while adjusting the bet multiplier.


36 Coins™ is a great online slot that blends captivating graphics, exciting features, and electrifying gameplay to create an unforgettable experience.

With its staggering 36-reel layout, the potential for huge wins – including the incredible Grand Jackpot offering a staggering 2000x the initial stake – and a variety of unique features like Cash Infinity™, Sticky to Infinity™, and Hold the Jackpot™, 36 Coins™ provides an exciting and rewarding slot adventure.

The Grand Jackpot is the ultimate prize in the game and can be won during the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round. It's a life-changing opportunity that could turn a small bet into a massive payout, making it a game that shouldn’t be missed for those who want huge rewards when casino gaming.

Furthermore, the game offers many more reasons to play it. From the adjustable volatility levels to the Energy Saving Mode, which extends battery life for uninterrupted mobile gaming sessions. Every aspect of 36 Coins™ has been carefully designed to deliver an enjoyable gaming experience.

Overall, 36 Coins™ provides players with a treasure-seeking adventure with many exciting features, including Wizdan classics, which, if players are familiar with their games, will thoroughly enjoy playing this slot game with stunning visuals and electrifying gameplay.

36 Coins™ FAQs

What is the RTP rate of 36 Coins™?

36 Coins™ boasts an RTP rate of 96.16%.

What is the volatility level of 36 Coins™?

36 Coins™ is classified as a high-volatility game.

What is the maximum win possible when playing 36 Coins™?

The maximum win in 36 Coins™ is a jaw-dropping 2000x the player's bet.

What is the key bonus feature of 36 Coins™?

The key bonus feature of 36 Coins™ is the highly anticipated Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round.

Is 36 Coins™ available to play on mobile devices?

Yes! 36 Coins™ is fully optimised for mobile devices.

PaylinesHold the Jackpot


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