If you’re a fan of igaming, then it’s likely that you’ve played one of the offerings from WorldMatch, even if you didn’t know much about the company behind it. In recent years, WorldMatch has cemented themselves as one of the leading igaming companies in the world. They consistently produce high-quality, deeply engaging games that people love to play. While they’re predominantly based in Europe, they also have a presence in Latin America and Asia. Part of their appeal is the sheer scope of their games -- they’ve produced more than 30 table games and 200 slot machine games, as well as plenty of video poker games that users can play on their desktop or mobile. Because of the quality of their work and the underlying software that powers their games, WorldMatch slots are a common feature on online casinos. Try all the free slot games you find on this pag without registering. 

WorldMatch in short
Statutory SeatItaly
Year of Release2000
Average RTP of Slots96%
Game ModeFree
Types of GamesVideo Slot, Poker
Live Casino Available
E-mail info@worldmatch.com
Most Played Slots HENjoyThe Pinguinzz


User Review
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Experience counts for a lot in all industries, and especially the gaming world. If a company has been around for a long time, then you know that they’re doing something right. With so much change in this industry, that a company continues to be at the top of the industry even after more than twenty years in the industry, is seriously impressive. Of course, you don’t celebrate more than twenty years by accident; it takes hard work and a commitment to innovation for that to happen, and that’s just what WorldMatch has. They have the experience of knowing what types of games people like to play, mixed with the latest technologies and designs. When you put those things together, you’ll know that you’ll be well on your way to producing a top game — and that’s just what WorldMatch does, again and again.  

Software Features

Of course, it’s one thing to have a well-designed game that has an engaging story and so forth. But that won’t necessarily make it enjoyable to play. In order for that to happen, it’s important that the software and technical elements that underpin the game are robust. And thankfully, when it comes to WorldMatch, that’s just what they are. They use well-coded HTML to produce software licences games that you can play on desktop and mobile. With slots and table games and more, they utilize high quality video to make the games as interesting as possible for players.                                                                                 

Why Companies Choose WorldMatch

Though WorldMatch may not be the biggest supplier of games in the world, they still have a lot going for them that ensures plenty of companies opt to work with them. After all, if you’re consistently producing high-quality games that people love to play, then companies are going to take notice. WorldMatch produces around four new games each month, which means that they’re routinely adding to their games portfolio, which, at this stage, is extremely large. Another element of their appeal is that they offer an all-in-one games solution, which is extremely handy. Indeed, it’s their underlying platform that attracts so many companies to them in the first place. Their advanced platform means that they’re beneficial for both large and small companies. If you’re a large company, then their system will add another exciting element to your business. If you’re a small company, then you can use WorldMatch to grow pretty large, pretty quickly. That’s because, just by following a few simple steps, you can add slots, poker, and table games to your website, which will then be ready to play. Companies also know that they’re dealing with a company that is committed to delivering the best. If a company produces four titles a month, then they clearly know what it takes to be at the top of their industry. 

Common Promotions

If a company is going to win customers over, then they need to put something on the table. WorldMatch knows this, and that’s why they make sure to provide plenty by way of promotions, which are introduced with the aim of increasing player engagement. In general, you’ll find things like a welcome bonus, birthday bonuses, and bonuses for inviting friends. 

World Match FAQs

Where is WorldMatch based?

They’re based in Italy.

What Types of Games Do WorldMatch Produce?

They produce slot machines, table games, video poker, and more.

What Are the Most Popular WorldMatch Games?

The most popular World Slot games are Hercules, Hi-Lo, Slot Cup, Viking Legend, and Super Las Vegas.


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