Medusa’s Lair HD

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Medusa’s Lair HD Slot Game

Medusa’s Lair HD is a superb multi-line slot game that is a true dedication to the deadly yet seductive mythical Greek creature with a female face and venomous snakes instead of hair. The backdrop of the slot is set against ancient ruins that are flanked by stone warriors which guard the entrance to Medusa’s hideout. This slot has some of the most incredible 3D animations and special effects that players will be petrified in the way that the mythical Gorgon used to do. This slot offers players a realistic 3D bonus game which comprises of a drawn out battle between Medusa and a warrior and players will have to keep guessing and winning in every stage of the game. Amongst the other features of this slot are the controls toolbar with keyboard shortcuts, autoplay, fast play and spin stop.

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