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Introducing Hades Gigablox slot

Hades Gigablox is the latest slot to come from the gaming team at Yggdrasil. You will find this Greek mythology slot nestling in the bowels of the earth, with this being the second time that Yggdrasil have used the Gigablox shape shifting feature. Lucky Neko was the first in which players got to experience the light side of Japanese culture, but the developers have chosen a far darker undertone when developing this slot. The production is at its highest to provide the player with a serious journey through the Underworld. There is a substantial introduction that is cinematic and sets the scene and all to soon you will find yourself in a game where Hades himself is the host. By the side of Hades, you will find your game area which is surrounded by an explosive device.

Theme & Design

The design and animations are some of the best that have ever been used for a modern slot but as well as the stunning aesthetics the soundtrack the developers have chosen to go with is a haunting and truly atmospheric, but kudos to the actor who does the voice over not only is it sinister and deep but it brings Hades to life and it is this male voice that will comment on all of the action as you play the game. Whether you are willing or not the super quality build of this game will drag you into the game and leave you totally captivated.

Gaming Information

This slot can be played on any device which gives you the freedom to play wherever you wish. When it comes to placing your bet, the range starts from just 10p per spin to a maximum of £100 per spin. The return to player is a little less than Lucky Neko but is still a solid 96% although they share the same medium volatility. When it comes down to the statistics on paper this slot will give you the bonus game on every 400 spins, and this is as much of a challenge as it sounds. However, when you add the great Gigablox mechanic, a hit rate that stands at 20.5% and the intensity this game provides this slot is a lot more fun that you may at first expect.

Winning ways

Before we get into the features that are on offer it is important to look at a few basic rules. Firstly, you create wins when you land there or more matching symbols over any one of the 50 pay lines. There are eight regular symbols available and these are split into low and higher paying groups. The lower paying symbols are represented by some very well designed playing card suits and the higher paying symbols are created in the form of four nightmare inhabitants from the Underworld, these are also the symbols that are referred to as the monster symbols and will reward you with 4x up to 8x your stake when you land six of the same.


Although the slot is lacking when it comes to the number of features it offers, however thanks to the fact that the Gigablox mechanic are available on every spin the game can transform itself. The Gigablox is partnered with the Hades Wild Hunt complete with activating a round of free spins. Confused? Do not worry it will all appear easy once you have finished a spin or two.
For those who have never played a slot that is powered by Gigablox before, or maybe you are a total novice when it comes to playing slots. It is fine to feel nervous or even slightly overwhelmed by the entire slot game vibe and provided you remember the following you should be fine. The game works by landing blocks from 2x2 up to 6x6 in size. Granted this may sound like nothing and even basic, however the action is effective particularly as it means the reels are connected. In other words, your 1st and 2nd reels can land 2x2 sized symbols, whilst your 4th, 5th and 6th reels may sport symbols that are filled with 3x3 sized symbols. The Gigablox feature changes with every spin giving you a vast variety of symbol and reel combinations.

If you are an experienced player, you may feel that you are experiencing a bit of Viking's Go to Hell déjà vu when you discover the next feature. Completely at random Hades can choose to fight the monster symbols in the Hades Wild Hunt feature. Once your reels stop spinning, Hades jumps into action and all the monster symbols he defeats turn wild. This applies to your standard sized symbols as well as the Gigablox variants. From here the wilds regardless of their size can substitute for any regular paying symbols to create winning combinations. If you land five or more of the scatter symbols you will activate the free spins, and you are awarded the number of free spins which is equal to the number of scatters you have in view on your gaming screen. In this slot the scatters are calculated as single blocks therefore if you land a 3x3 scatter block you are awarded with nine scatters.
When you enter the feature the Hades Wild Hunt is active on every spin.

The thing you need to see here is Hades defeating as many monsters as he can as for very one beat there is +1 added to the multiplier bar. Filling the multiplier bar will not only increase your win multiplier but you are also rewarded with +2 free spins. The multiplier does not reset through the round it starts from x1 and then moves up to x2, x3, x5, to a total of x10. In the same way the monster blocks are summed up in accordance with the symbol size so a 2x2 block rewards you with 4 points, plus for every scatter you land in the round you are rewarded with another +1 additional spin.


Hades is a dark yet totally enjoyable slot from Yggdrasil in the same ways as the popular Vikings range. Not only is this slot spot on when it comes to the atmosphere, but it also provides players with a real fun factor. Each element of the slot has been well thought out and designed with true expertise. In conjunction with the features, Hades provides additional entertainment that slots in perfectly. His shout outs are funny and there is no doubt that this fella has a huge personality. There is no doubt that he is a lovable rogue and for all his good you may get to the point where you feel like smacking him most likely when he sits smirking from his thrones with piles of gold coins around him that you cannot win!

Brace yourself as you will never know what is going to happen on any spin but this is enhanced further by the Gigablox as this amplifies the effects, and this is one mystery that will keep you on your toes and this makes the base game far more interesting for players. I would sum this slot up as an outstanding creation from Yggdrasil Gaming that brings back memories of their games from the past when the developers blew the audience away with all the elements. There are few developers that can produce the dark mythology like the Swedish developer and this slot certainly rates amongst one of their best.

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