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In partnership withBad Dingo
Available onZet Casino

Overview Jaguar SuperWays

In terms of expandable gameplay, Jaguar SuperWays is probably one of the best games to have ever been created. As far as Slots 777 knows, there is no other slot that at its peak offers its players a maximum pay line count of 387,420,489! Now you’re probably thinking surely that can’t be right, however, we have checked the official statistics from Bad Dingo and Yggdrasil Gaming, the co-creators of the slot and that figure is no lie.

Although the SuperWays game mechanic might be the star attraction of this slot when it comes to inviting features, it is by no means the only one. Jaguar SuperWays has quite a variety of bonuses and layered gameplay just waiting for new players to come and discover it. Indeed, there is a top-quality free spins round, and wilds.

Fortunately, all this exciting bonus content and the game’s fun game mechanics are wrapped up in a vibrant and visually appealing jungle theme that deserves its separate plaudits. Presiding over the reels is the tranquil and stunning Jaguar, who looks on as you open pay line after pay in a thrilling pursuit of the game’s 22,457 x your total stake top payout.

Theme and Symbols

For Jaguar SuperWays, players are transported to South America, deep into the dense rainforest which thrums with life. The first visual element of the game that strikes you, is the lush and detailed background on which the playing board has been superimposed. Here you can see every shade of green in a precise and artistically impressive depiction of a jungle scene. This extends from the compact and varied undergrowth to the tree canopy.

Next in the order of visual cues, is the game window which seems to have pulled inspiration from at least 3 themes. These being the world of Aztecs or Inca, with some of the blocks decorated in a South American tribal pattern. The next is the ever-popular gemstone theme, which can be seen in the shining green stone symbol. The last being the original theme of this game -jungle creatures. Each of the numbers is wrapped partially in vines and many of the special symbols are pictures of rainforest animals such as tree frogs. Whatever the driving inspiration, the theme looks great and draws the eye.

In terms of symbols, the lower-paying symbols are multi-coloured A to 9 royals. The next rung up in terms of valuable symbols includes the previously mentioned green gem, a tree frog, a snake and a vulture. The vulture (coloured in a slightly pink hue) is the most rewarding of these symbols. It pays 12.5x for a combination of 9 on a pay line. The eponymous jaguar is the wild symbol that can step in for other normal symbols to help generate wins. The Aztec/Inca temple is the scatter symbol used in triggering the free spins round.

Game Play

Jaguar SuperWays is played on a 5-reel, 3-row game board with a base 243 pay lines. Creating wins is as simple as landing 3 or more matching symbols in paying combinations starting on reel 1 on the left-hand side of the reels. As mentioned, the pay lines increase as you progress through the game thanks to the pawprints SuperWays feature.

The betting range for Jaguar SuperWays is 40p to £80 per spin. To change your current bet levels, all players need to do is click on the pile of coins symbol and select a new bet per spin amount. The rest of the information about the game including the paytable and how to set up auto-spins is available from the menu icon to the bottom right-hand side of the playing board. The number of current pay lines open on your game is displayed to the left-hand side of the reels above the Jaguar’s head.

The return to payer percentage for Jaguar SuperWays is 94.3%, a rather low return for a game of this type. The volatility for this game is rated in the medium range, meaning you should land wins fairly often. The maximum payout a player can achieve on one spin is 22,457 x your total stake.


There are two main features in this game. However, as alluded to many times already in this review, the main attraction of this slot is the SuperWays game mechanic which allows you to open up all those extra pay lines.
The SuperWays feature is all based on symbols that have little pawprint imprints on them. If you land a winning combination that includes a symbol with one of these little pawprints, the SuperWays feature is activated. When this happens a big pawprint then takes over the small triggering print.

It is these large pawprint symbols that can open up new reels and add new symbols to the board. When a big pawprint lands on the reels, it triggers a new cascade to fall which brings with it new symbols. If this new collection of symbols creates a win a payout follows and another cascade is triggered. The cascade feature only stops if the new symbols do not create a new win.
With more and more big pawprints falling onto the reels, an exponential number of win ways are created, creating more chances for players to score wins. At its maximum size, you will be playing on a 9x9 playing board with an incredible 87,420,489 ways to win on offer.

The next feature and probably the less discussed one is the free spins round. To activate this bonus, players have to land 3 or more of the scatter symbols on the reels at any one time. The more scatters that the bonus is triggered with, the more generous the free spins round.

The free spins round plays out on a separate board which is 5x4 in dimensions. The SuperWays feature however is still triggerable in this bonus round, meaning the potential for expandable pay lines is still there.


Clearly, the main attraction of this game is the SuperWays game mechanic, however, the designers haven’t leant on it exclusively to make the game worth playing. The free spins round also offers something fun and a little different thanks to how the board can be expanded. The theme is also very strong and doesn’t look to have been an afterthought either, with a lot of visual nuances involved to invite the attention of the player.

Frequently Asked Questions Jaguar SuperWays

Can I play Jaguar SuperWays on my mobile phone?

Yes, Jaguar SuperWays is optimised for all types of device from tablet to desktop to phone.

How many pay lines does Jaguar SuperWays have?

The game starts with 243 win ways but can expand to an amazing 387,420,489.

Can I play Jaguar SuperWays for free?

Yes, there is a demo version available to play on most online casinos.

What is the return to player percentage for Jaguar SuperWays?

The RTP for Jaguar SuperWays is 94.30%, a little low for a game of this types.

What is the volatility for Jaguar SuperWays?

The volatility for this game is rated in the medium range.

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