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Slot Details
Demo ModeOn
Payout 1.580x the stake
Most valuable symbol Green dragon
Min. Bet 0.1 demo coin
Max Bet. 200 demo coin

Ninja Vixens Overview

Created as a joint project between Swedish slot designer Yggdrasil and smaller studio Dreamtech Gaming, Ninja Vixens is a high-quality slot game that combines the exciting world of the Ninja with the slightly questionable aesthetic of what we will call conventional male-targeted marketing. With buxom women starring as the main characters in this slot.

This won’t be the first time slot designers have used this ploy to engross players, and it certainly won’t be the last. Moving away from the overtly sexualised visuals, this game has a top payout of 1,580x the stake, a decent RTP of 96.10% and a maximum of 5 pay lines.

The features in this game are pretty straightforward, starting with a re-spin bonus triggered when you land three re-spin scatters on the reels on the same payline. These re-spins help you score more wins and lead to more re-spins or other special symbols or access to the free spins.

The free spins round is triggered automatically if you get four or more re-spins. There are three types of free spin rounds, each with a different number of free spins and active modifiers. A special bonus game is also available to play that rewards either cash prizes or access to one of the free spins rounds. All features will be explained in more detail later on in the review.

Theme and Symbols

As explained briefly in the introduction, the theme for this slot is Ninja warriors. A Ninja or Shinobi warrior was a covert agent or mercenary that existed in feudal Japan. They were the assassins of the medieval period, usually acting in a headhunting capacity for various leaders or warlords. They are typically depicted wearing all black with a variety of concealed weaponry. However, the Ninjas in this slot wouldn’t be much use as assassins considering their bright and revealing clothing. As this is a slot game and not a realistic documentary, that fact is not surprising.

The background for Ninja Vixens is a Japanese town in the dead of night from the perspective of the rooftops, where Ninjas might leap from roof to roof in search of their quarry, as they do in classic films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The setting is a perfect environment for Ninjas and an atmospheric tool that makes the slot feel more realistic.
On the other hand, the playing window is depicted as a temple entrance, again in the Japanese style with throwing stars embedded in the wooden columns, indicating a bounty hunter struggle.

The symbols for this game are many and various, beginning with 4 Japanese emblems, each representing a different element – fire, lightning, water and earth. These are followed by four animal heads – the red toad, the blue cat, the purple fox and the green dragon. The green dragon is the most valuable, paying out at 20x the stake for the top combination. The next bank of symbols in terms of value are the Vixens themselves—these land in stacked formations, covering the entire reel. The specials finally comprise the pink ninja symbol, the blue ninja icon and the gold ninja icon. Each is related to a different free spins round. There is also the re-spin symbol.

Game Play

Ninja Vixens is played on a 3-reel, 3-row machine with five fixed pay lines. To win combinations, players must land three or more matching symbols on pay lines moving from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel.
The betting range for Ninja Vixens is £1 to £200 per spin. To adjust their bet levels, players can toggle their stake up and down using the tool located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Further information, including a short tutorial and a display of the paytable, can be found via the menu button in the right-hand corner of the screen. The spin and auto spin buttons are located in the centre of the screen.
Volatility for this slot is rated in the high range. The return to player percentage for Ninja Vixens is 95.96%, which is just below average. The biggest payout that players can win on one spin is 1,580x your stake.


The first feature you are likely to encounter in this game is the re-spin feature, triggered when players land three re-spin symbols simultaneously. If triggered, you are then awarded a single re-spin. However, you may earn more by landing another three re-spin icons. Triggering the feature for the fourth time automatically gives you access to one of the free spin rounds.

The other features in this game are the free spins rounds. These are landed either via the re-spin bonus or by landing three of the Ninja scatters on the reels simultaneously. The colour of the scatters will indicate which free spin round you have won. These are as follows.

The Ninja Free Spin – This is the least valuable of the free spin rounds, triggered by landing three of the pink scatters. Here, you will be awarded eight free spins, the first seven of which will be played out like you are in the base game. The eighth, however, will give you a chance to activate the other free spins rounds or win more spins.

The Master Ninja Free Spins – This round is activated when players land three blue Ninja scatters on a pay line. These are the same as the above spins but with a higher chance of triggering the other spins or a retrigger of the same round.

The Grandmaster Ninja Free Spins – This free spin round gives you just one spin triggered when players land three of the golden Ninja scatters. In this special spin, only stacked ninjas are on the reels, and each win will trigger another spin.

There is also a random bonus feature in this game triggered spontaneously. It brings with it either a cash reward or immediate access to one of the free spin rounds.

Finally, this game has a bonus buy feature which gives you the option of buying your way into the free spins rounds. However, this option is not available in the UK.


Ninjas are always fun, especially when they provide exciting prizes and a range of fun features. The free spins rounds are especially worth playing here, and the high-quality theme is also worth mentioning. However, the top payout is a touch low for a game that lets you stake £200 on a spin.

Frequently Asked Questions Ninja Vixens

Which studio developed Ninja Vixens?

The gaming studios Yggdrasil and Dreamtech Gaming created this game.

Is there a free spins round for Ninja Vixens?

Yes, and with modifiers too.

What is the betting range for Ninja Vixens?

The stake range for this game is between £1 and £200.

What is the return to player percentage for Ninja Vixens?

The RTP for Ninja Vixens is 95.96%.

What is the volatility for Ninja Vixens?

The volatility for this game is in the high range.

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