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Introduction Valley of the Gods 2 slot machine

The Ancient Egyptian genre has plenty of slots incorporated into it, one of the biggest genres of the industry, and Yggdrasil Gaming have jumped into this impressive feat of trying to compete against some of the most impressive slots. Somewhere, deep in the valleys of Ancient Egypt, there is place where the gods watch over your every move. This place is known as the Valley of the Gods 2 and brings a brand-new look to the theme that you are probably used to seeing as you select the slots you want to take a spin on.

Implementing some impressive new mechanics, Yggdrasil Gaming have sought to employ some newer pieces to the slot world in order to bring a higher volatility slot with impressive high-end graphics. Even the most experienced of players will be wowed by the power that this walkway has to ensure the player a cracking game; be sure not to lose your footing and make a misstep, try to master the basics first! And if you can do all of that, you will be blessed by the gods and win some extraordinary amounts of money.

The Valley of the Gods 2 has 6 reels and a varying number of ways to win that the player can dive into. Staring at 240 ways to win, the slot can increase to as many as 20,160, as you unlock different positions on the reels. The potential for this slot is quite high and gives the player plenty of combinations to win with. This potential is achieved with scatters, wilds, respins and multipliers which you can read about further on!

Bet Strategy

If you want to take a walk through the Valley of the Gods, you will need to offer up a bet to the Gods to spin their reels. Betting starts at 10p and continues up to £100. When your offering is taken by the Gods, then you will be able to start spinning the reels! While you do obviously need to land the correct symbols for the wins to roll in, there are all the best ingredients for success in this slot. First we have the medium-high volatility, which adds some extra risk to the slot. Next we have the RTP which is above average for a standard slot sitting at 96.3%, giving the player plenty of room for winning high! It is enough to ensure that you have something incredible to shoot for when you spin the reels. Finally, just as an additional aspect, there is up to 5,481 times the stake to win in a single spin. This gives the potential for the player to win up to £548,100.


We have to admit, this is a very well-designed slot with the impressive theme carried well throughout. The less relevant royals on the reels are still looking good plastered on the reels. The higher paying symbols include the images of the popular gods from the era of Ancient Egypt. If you have played Ancient Egyptian slots, you will be familiar with the symbols on the reels. These include Bastet, Sobek, Horus and Anubis; these are the higher paying symbol. The design of the game area looks a tad different, with 6 reels of different sizes; this gives the player something more interesting to watch as the reels spin and helps to set the game apart from all others in the Ancient Egyptian genre of the industry.


As mentioned above there is a variable reel structure at work in the slot. This means that you can line up symbols across a different pyramid made of 33 unique positions. On reel one there is three positions, on reel 2 there is four. On reel three there is five positions, while there are six positions on reel four. Reel 5 has seven positions, and finally reel 6 has eight positions. This unique set up is a way of maximising the potential of the slot!

Winning spins of this slot will release a scarab beetle and these beetles will destroy a random blocker from the 16 that are spread across the reels. For every blocker that is broken, you can open more ways to win. You will start at 240 ways to win, and you can smash blockers until you have activate all features and ways to win!
Once you have cleared each of these, the scarab beetles will change colours and begin to collect; they will be either red, yellow, or blue. They can help you with wilds and additional lives!
The red beetles will earn the player extra lives and once five are collected, you receive one life. Five more gets another. For every extra life you have, you are given a respin for a non-winning spin.
The yellow beetles will give the player wilds on the reels. For each of the five yellow beetles you collect gives wilds sticking in place until they play as part of a winning combination. During this feature you are five times more likely to end up triggering a pay out from the reels.

With the blue beetles, you can multiply the wins you have. For each of the five blue beetles you collect, your multiplier will be increased by one and be displayed in a blue orb on the side of the reels – this will increase until you hit a winning respin.


Spinning the reels on another Ancient Egyptian themed slot could be boring, but with the interesting feature of the scarabs, this is a little more interesting than first imagined. We would have hoped to see some more impressive features for a round two of Valley of the Gods, but there is still the potential for over £500,000 in prizes, so do not despair, there is always plenty for you to enjoy!

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