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Yokozuna Clash Slot Machine

Step into the dohyo and stand face to face with sumo wrestlers as you play to win big in this brand new slot by Yggdrasil Gaming. Under the name of Yokozuna Clash, this slot brings a unique spin to the classic video slots we’re so used to seeing. With 5 reels, this slot has an incredible 243 pay lines, paying both ways across the slot. There is the chance of winning up to 3,440 times your stake, giving you the potential to win big with this amazing slot.

Bet Strategy and Symbols

With a wide betting range from 10p to £125 per spin, this slot offers something for anyone, no matter the size of their bet, meaning all can win big in this giant of a slot. Symbols for this slot include the card suits: hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. These are all beautifully crafted to fit the exquisite theme, and, while only paying a small prize, they are still well worth looking out for in this stunning slot.

There is also higher-paying symbols such as red phoenix birds, bright green lizards, bold purple tigers and stunning blue dragons. The most rewarding symbol is the phoenix bird, a glorious red colour, which offers the player 12 times the stake when matching a total of 5 on a pay line.

Bonus Features

There are random sumo features during this slot, primarily Riku and Haru. Riku, a Blue Fundoshi Sumo, adds 1 or 2 Wild symbols on either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels. Haru, a Green Fundoshi Sumo, adds 2x or 3x multiplier to the player’s winning combination. These are triggered at random during play. There is another bonus feature for the player: The Tournament Free Spins Feature.

This is played when the free spin symbol is landed on reels 1 and 5 at the same time. The added bonus of playing both ways means even larger wins can be had by players when the Tournament Free Spins Feature is activated. When a winning combination is found during play starting from the left hand side, the power meter of the slot moves to the right, and when a winning combination starts from the right, the meter is moved to the left 2 or 3 places. Once the meter reaches the left, the feature ends, but if it reaches the right, the player gets to move to Fight Yokozuma.


Beating Yokozuma will result in the layer being given double multiplier to all the free spins wins. During the Free Spins Feature, there is also plenty of other sumos to win. The Riku, encountered earlier, gives 3 or 4 Wilds on the middle three reels. The Haru, also encountered earlier, gives a 3x or 4x multiplier to the player’s winning combination. Both the Riku and Haru move the bar to the right. O’Connor, the Scottish Sumo, moves the player’s power meter left by 2 places, awarding a 3x or 4x multiplier wherever the power meter was pushed to. Daisuke, the Flower Fundoshi Sumo, does exactly what the O’Connor does, only giving 3 or 4 Wilds instead of multipliers. Finally, there is the Yokozuna, the Demon sumo, which is only available on the second stage of the feature. He is able to move the bar 3 positions to the left, giving 3 to 4 random wilds and 3x or 4x multipliers to the player.


With plenty of bonus features to play with, this slot has so much to offer. Make the most of so many features, as there are not many slots with so many. Giving the player the potential to win £430,000, this slot is not one you’ll want to miss.

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