Zeusplay is a software provider that has been around for several years, specialized in slot machine games and lotteries. They provide live support as well as 24/365 customer service. This article will discuss the platform by providing information on these new yet industry-disputing casino software providers, what games are available (both slot machine as well as table games), and other necessary aspects of Zeus Play.

ZeusPlay in short
Based inGreece
Year of Release2012
Average RTP of Slots 96%
Game Mode Free
Types of GamesVideo Slot, Lotteries
Live Casino Not available
Phone number 00302310478395
Most Played Slots Amun's BookThe explorer's Quest


User Review
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History of Zeusplay

Zeusplay was launched in 2011 and has been providing casino games to players around the world ever since. The company is based out of Greece, which certainly makes it a reputable player on the market. Their team consists of individuals who have worked within online gambling for years and understand how vital trustworthiness and customer service are when offering such services as playing at an online casino.

How it all started

This Greece-based software company has ambitions on an international scale with its own mission statement: “To deliver high-quality products to the virtual entertainment sector throughout Europe and across the globe”. At first glance, you might think that this is just another online casino game developer. But it was founded in 2011 by Zlatanos Antonios who wanted more than what their home country had offered him — he was seeking an opportunity abroad! The creative geniuses behind Zeusplay are now working at their HQ (Greece) but once upon a time found themselves in Thessaloniki where they created many groundbreaking innovations still being used today.

Zeusplay slot games

The games that Zeusplay offers are a combination of graphically rich games and well-known classic slots. They have combined the two to create an interesting product that should suit players who want something more than just reels spinning on the screen in front of them. Zeusplay is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for games with excellent animations!

The company does not longer offer table games such as roulette, blackjack, and poker, but focuses only on online slots and lotteries. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because some providers put too much emphasis on this type of game and forget about developing new slot machines. However, we would like to see them expand their range in the future.

What makes Zeusplay unique?

Zeusplay tries to bring something a little different to the table, as mentioned before. This is mostly shown through their slot games with their graphics and presentation, but they also offer live dealers as well as tournaments where players can win real money prizes! The Zeusplay website offers a number of games to choose from, including some that can only be found on land-based machines. One example is “Balkan Keno,” which features Jackpots and quick tips as well as bonuses for players who keep their eyes peeled! In addition, clients will have access to an easy back-end system, so they don’t need complex systems in place or much technical know-how at all.

With its state-of-the-art, premium land-based gaming solutions, Zeusplay is able to offer 24/7 support for all your needs. The dedicated team of technicians is on call around the clock should problems arise with Zeus play’s unique products. They will fix it quickly so you can get back playing fast!

How are the slot games developed by Zeus Play different from the rest?

Zeusplay’s slot games are developed with HTML-based technology, which is why they’re so graphically rich and can be played on mobile devices. Other providers tend to use Java or Flash software, which can often lead to compatibility issues on different browsers or operating systems. Zeus Play seems to have avoided this problem by using a more modern development language.

Zeusplay is a new player on the e-gaming scene, but it’s more than capable of delivering its software and games across international borders. The company already has an extensive collection of online slot machines as well as lottery game options, with plans to release land-based gaming solutions at betting shops all over the world soon!

Is there anything more satisfying than hitting the jackpot? Well, aside from actually winning some money in real life, then maybe it’s just being able to play all your favorite games on one website. Zeusplay offers an extensive library full of fun slots with unique features like bonus rounds and free spins!

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