Behind the Scenes of G.Games: An Insider’s Look at this Great Success Story

Silvia 28/02/2023
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G.Games is a leading software house in the gaming industry, with a reputation for creating top-quality games that captivate audiences worldwide. The company has achieved significant success in a highly competitive market, and its innovative approach has won it a legion of fans. In this interview, we take a closer look at the company’s journey, exploring the challenges it faced along the way and the secrets to its success. We’ll also discuss the future of G.Games, including its plans for expansion and new developments in the gaming world. Today we have here with us at Slots777 Helen Walton, one of the founders behind G.Games. She shares her insights on the industry, her journey, and the secrets to G.Games’ success.

G.Games is a software house with a growing portfolio of slot games. Can you tell us how you got into iGaming industry and how G.Games was founded?

I’m one of the 3 original founders of G. When we first started we knew NOTHING about the iGaming industry and we were absurdly optimistic and ambitious! We had  this crazy idea to create massive multiplayer gameshows – and we certainly didn’t succeed in our original vision – yet having said that, we are still passionate about how to bring multiplayer to gaming and how to make real money more fun and accessible to all. 

I worked in marketing, product development and sales before I met my two fellow founders and the three of us have complementary skills. We also previously ran a business together so we’ve been working as a team for a very long time now!

Innovation is an important aspect of the iGaming industry. What do you think sets G.Games apart from other iGaming companies when it comes to innovation? Can you share some of the latest innovations that G.Games has introduced in its slot games and how they have been received by players? 

We look to what’s happening in other types of gaming and think of ways that we can bring those popular mechanics to life in real money. A really good example is our Casino Solitaire – everyone loves and knows how to play Solitaire – with us, you can play it for real money! It might be a simple idea like that – or it might be some of the big innovations we’re working on at the moment (can’t say too much!), but we’re always looking at other areas of gaming and seeing what we can introduce.

Slot games are an important part of G.Games’ portfolio. Can you tell us about some of the most popular slot games on your platform and what makes them so appealing to players? 

Our Deluxe range has been a hit for us in every market. I think that’s because as a game, it focuses on the base – making sure that every spin is exciting – rather than just ‘waiting’ for the big bonus round to appear. Then our Elite of Evil and Psycho Candies cluster games have also been big hits. These are really feature rich with free spins, pick bonus and different levels to collect to explore. I love those games and when you look at the huge repeat play numbers, it’s easy to see lots of players do too!

G.Games platform already features a variety of lottery games. How do you see the popularity of these games evolving in the coming years and what new additions or improvements can we expect to see on your platform to cater to this demand? 

Lottery games work for some players, but not for others. I think it depends on whether different sites are interested in catering to these types of player or not. In general though, I think making sure that casino sites have a broad participation base is important. If we want to be part of people’s everyday entertainment choices, we need to make sure that we appeal to a broad swathe of society – and lottery games are one way of doing that.

What are G.Games’ plans for the future when it comes slot games? 

We have a couple of big innovations coming this year – I really can’t say too much but – fingers crossed – this will be a very big year for us. 

Finally, as the industry continues to evolve and adapt, what do you see as the biggest challenges and opportunities for G.Games in the coming years?

The industry is facing regulatory challenges and a frequently hostile press. It must stay relevant to a broad mass of people and be part of society. I see the types of games that we delight in as being a big part of that. 

G.Games’ success proves the power of innovation, creativity, and dedication. We thank the team at G.Games for sharing their insights and look forward to seeing what exciting new games and developments they have in store for us in the future. Keep an eye out for G.Games’ upcoming releases and get ready to be immersed in a world of entertainment with their free slot games available on this website with no registration.

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