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All that determines your fate at a slot machine is one number. The percentage payout and this is what registers and controls the percentage of return to players in winnings when playing online slots. The purpose of this article is to explore the inside ways in which the payout percentages are calculated. Whether they can be calculated manually, what initiates them to pay out and what they actually mean in regards to our bankrolls plus other common questions.

Simply put a payout is the percentage of return on winnings, in other terms it’s an amount each player can receive in winnings when playing a certain game. 97% payout on a single slot machine online will give you back in winnings 97% of gross bets. It also goes without saying that you can average a 3% loss unless you hit a Jackpot.

The payout percentage should always be meaningful over long-term, and therefore cannot be used as measure for your winnings or losses in a single play session. The 97% payout is based on a theoretical number, such as two million spins, you can expect a 97% return of money spent.

What makes the slots so much fun though is the short-term fluctuations that happen. You will hit winning streaks, giving you more wins than expected, but this works both ways and you will also be subjected to losing streaks. Given time this will even out and the place that the wins and losses meet eventually is the theoretical return in winnings for the given slot machine.

How to calculate Slots Payout

To calculate Slots payout, one will need an extensive range of informations that explains the behaviour of the slot game. There are 2 separate categories of data to be considered:


  •  A table weighting each slot’s virtual reel, together with a complete payout table
  •  A substantial data sample for spins and their outcomes


First type would be the preferred as this will allow you to calculate the payout percentage accurately. Just a simple bit of maths and you will know the expected outcome. Casinos guard these carefully, making almost impossible to calculate possible payout winnings this way.

Second type instead is a hard one to gather. You would need to record accurately the outcome of several hundreds thousands spins for meaningful conclusions to be made. If this sample could be gathered though you would know quite accurately what the average return in winnings would be, simply calculating what would be the amount in winnings or loss over given sample. However there is such a little chance for collecting this data as it would mean someone gathering spins and data for each slot for about several weeks just to make this calculation.

Is Payout Percentages really important at Slots?

Actually is not really important or necessary to calculate manually slots payout percentages. The casinos tend to publish an estimated return on winnings regularly included in their auditing process each month. Therefore if you need to know the likelihood of winning at the slots in a specific casino you just need to look at their audit data. Most slots providers average a payout between 94 and 98% for their slot machine games. By looking at the overall payout for the casino you can gauge expected returns in winnings.


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