BET2020 rolls out it’s online format to ensure worldwide safety!

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Due to the COVID-19 sweeping the world BET2020 which was due to be held in London on 7th – 9th April is to be postponed as priority must be for the health and safety of all those involved. Nevertheless, we refuse to give up and let this pandemic beat us, and therefore the team behind BET2020 are not willing to give up either.

What does BET2020 have to offer

The online conference will see the representatives from bet providers and their companies transmitting their presentations in real time. Amongst the companies making presentations will be game developers, members from the international sports associations, plus experts and associates covering all areas. The topics that will be discussed what it is like to be a major force in the industry during these times and the best platforms available to play online in the comfort of your home during this pandemic. The conference will also be looking at Export Betting to be used as a buffer as there is no need to leave your home to access the online games and these can operate without any type of risks. The evolution of the market will be looked at in varying ways with proposals being discussed to limit the lull that the market will suffer.

Thanks to the fast-paced digital technological world we live in we have the option to use the digitalisation to our advantage and for this reason the team at BET2020 have made the decision to host their first ever event using an online format. In order for this to be a success we have had to look at the event as a whole so that we can assure you can access the most important and useful topics that will be the success or failure during these trying times.

Why participate

Everyone that participates in the BET2020 online conference will have the opportunity to conduct one to one dialogue with top industry experts. There will be real time Q&A sessions, the chance to share your opinions and broaden your industry contacts whilst the conference streams. Better still this provides you with the chance to begin a dialogue and your views and expertise will be available to all the online participants.

There will be an area which will provide access to downloadable resources, which will be available at any time meaning that visitors will not have to rely on making notes or keeping everything in their heads, this is sure to be an invaluable service. The conference is an excellent way for you to create and grow your brand awareness whilst knowing that you are targeting your own industry specifically, a kind of advertising that would cost thousands in the real world, plus the conference also provides the opportunity to engage in sponsorship with this being something that is available on-demand. Choosing to participate in BET2020 online will automatically provide you with a special offer to the physical event that has been postponed.

Unique and Innovative Opportunities

The organisers of BET2020 have worked tirelessly to provide a unique and innovative platform that can connect people from all over the world during these difficult times. The organisers are doing everything that they can to make online acquaintances and provide you with the latest industry news. Finally, BET2020 would like to extend their best wishes and urge you to join with them to stay ahead with the inside knowledge from the betting industry.


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