Exclusive interview with Platipus – One of the new major players in the iGaming scene

Silvia 26/08/2021
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Platipus Ltd.This week Slots-777  interviewed Vladyslav Garanko, CMO of Platipus Ltd, one of the most successful software provider in the iGaming industry at the moment. In particular, we talked about their strengths and how they managed to become one of the major players in the gambling scene.

Hi Vladyslav and welcome to our website! On your official website you state “We’re creators with a difference”. What is the most innovative trait that makes you stand out from other providers?

Vladyslav: “To put it briefly – is that we match our client expectation. We always strive to ensure that the game is not only well made from purely mathematical standpoint, but that the theme and idea we put into game can be understood, or decoded by any player, regardless of where they live. We believe it is a key to successful game and the data we have from our partners only further enforces our idea.

As for how we achieve that, well, our employees hail from different countries and continents and so we always ask for their cultural insights on how the theme of a game would fare in their culture. Of course, there some games that are more targeted at western demographic, as is the case with Might of Zeus, or eastern, as is with DA JI DA LI. But as a rule, we do our best so that the players can not only experience all the amazing features we pack into our games, but to get the feel of the atmosphere as well.”

You started expanding your business in Asia, creating also very specific content for an Asian audience. What differences do you think there are between Western and Asian gamers?

Vladyslav: “That is a very interesting topic. If you are looking for a simple answer, I would say that it is mainly design and volatility. The eastern market is way more diverse and mature, therefore “more of the same” approach just isn’t going to cut it. Even worse, Bonus Hunters and other opportunistic players are very common, and absolutely brutal. If your game has an error in its math, it will be found, and it “will” be exploited. That being said, the general preference of eastern auditory is extremely high volatility games.”

Recent studies show that various business opportunities are opening up in Africa, especially in countries like Nigeria, South Africa or Kenya where mobile devices are more widely used and there are better telecommunication infrastructures. Do you think that in the near future Africa could represent a new lucrative target market for software houses?

Vladyslav: “It already does. Africa (and LatAm) are rightly considered a next big thing in the igaming industry. And mobile adaptation, are going to play a key thing in this market. Speaking of mobile adaptation, it is another strong point for our games, as we specifically develop our software primarily for mobile devices.”

Many casinos online now offer the opportunity to pay and receive money through blockchain technology. Do you think that cryptocurrency is the future for the iGaming industry?

Vladyslav: “Cryptocurrency already play an important part in the gaming market. There are more and more crypto-casino opening up every year as well as some regular casino adopting this method of payment as well. Whether or not it will become future of industry will depend on two factors: Whether cryptocurrency continue to exist and be desirable as it is today, and whether there will be some comprehensive regulation with regards to it. Right now, it is a bit of wild west in terms of cryptocurrency regulation, but I honestly think there will come a point where cryptocurrency will be comprehensively regulated, whether it will remain as popular, remains to be seen.”

How do you collect players feedback to improve your games and give the public what they want?

Vladyslav: “There are two main sources. First – Numerical. We see how our current and new games are performing in terms of session times, number and amount of bets… it’s a bit of a commercial secret so I can’t go into much of details here. The other source is way simpler, we inquire our partners who operate their websites for player feedback, analyze player forums and occasionally post surveys.”

What are your most popular and played slot machines?

Vladyslav: “Currently top 3 worldwide would be: Wild Spin, Leprechaun’s Coins, 7 & Hot Fruits.”

What are the achievements you are most proud of at Platipus so far?

Vladyslav: “That would be our ability to scale. Platipus went from a small, rather unknown niche company to top provider runner up in a very quick pace. A couple of years back we were releasing about 6-10 online slots a year, and now we produce about 20-25 without reduction in quality. This achievement would not be impossible without our skilled personnel who helped forming new teams to work on many projects simultaneously. And while there was a time where arranging workflow became a complete nightmare, we managed to overcome that challenging stage and go straight for a success route.”

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