Georgia Gambling Conference 2021 Rescheduled

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To guarantee access to the event for foreign participants, the Georgia Gambling Conference put together by Smile-Expo this year, has been postponed to the later date of April 15th 2021.

This is the result of a change in a travel policy which means that citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan, can enter the country if they have a negative Covid-19 PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction antigen test).
This was not originally going to be the case, as far stricter travelling measures were in place preventing people from these countries attending in person.

However, now with the potential for more people to join the event, organisers have moved the date so that those travelling from these countries can safely plan their arrival into the country and their transport to the venue in time for the conference.

Like every year, the Georgia Gambling Conference will be a Mecca for all big players from gambling establishments across Georgia, including marketers, mathematicians, I.T experts, lawyers, as well as other specialists involved in the gambling industry.
The event will have several speeches on the development of the industry and its ongoing future. In addition to these speeches, audience participation will be encouraged in a collection of forums as well as discussions with panels of experts.


People of note attending the conference include:

  • Sofia Karapetyan – Head of Marketing at Tourinvest. Mrs Karapetyan will be presenting a talk on “Automation of communication with clients of low-risk level”.
  • Bryan Simcock – General Manager at Casino Shangri La Tbilisi. Mr Simcock is an experienced expert in the industry, having held high executive positions in casinos across the globe for the last 35 years. He will be holding a discussion based on the topic of “Gambling tourism as an important indicator of the economic growth”.
  • Maka Gorgadze – CMO at Casino Adjara. They will be presenting a talk entitled “Increasing casino profits with integrating innovations”.
  • Joining Maka will be Ilya Machavariani, Senior Partner at 4H consulting agency who will be delivering a talk on “Self-regulation, lobbying and legislation”.
  • Finally, there is Peyvand Pourshaban – Director of Radio Teflis. Their talk will centre around “How to use Artificial Intelligence for Inbound Marketing?”

Telegram Chat

If you are interested in doing some networking before attending the live event, the organisers have created an online Telegram Chat which aims to connect speakers, experts, sponsors, and guests to share ideas and contacts.

Special Offer

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About The Organizer

The Georgia Gambling Conference 2021 will be orchestrated by the Smile Expo company. Smile Expo are an international organisation that has been responsible for a range of B2B events all over the world, with an illustrious history stretching back 15 years.


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