Special Green Jade Q&A session – Get ready for new skill-based arcade games!

Silvia 24/01/2023
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green-jade-games-logoGreen Jade Games is a software house that looks to the future of the gambling world. In their collection, we can find both slot machines and skill-based arcade games, mixing tradition and innovation. Today we talk with Alex McGonigle, Content Manager at Green Jade, about the new perspectives in the iGaming landscape and how gamers’ tastes are changing.

Hello Alex and welcome on Slots-777! We’re eager to find out more about Green Jade’s current projects and future plans. Could you briefly introduce yourself, your role and how you got started in the iGaming industry?

Hi, I’m Alex McGonigle and I’m the Content Manager at Green Jade. I take care of the Arcade Lobby content, social media, the website and other bits and pieces. I initially applied at Green Jade for an intern role but was lucky enough to be offered a permanent position in the team!

Gaming and gambling seem to have a link that is influencing and reshaping each other’s industries. We have recently noticed how many software houses have begun to develop arcade games, which quickly achieve great success with the public. Among these providers Green Jade has a suite of skill-based arcade games.
What do you think of this trend? Are gamblers tastes changing?

alexandra-mcgonigle-green-jadeI’m 21 and I personally think this trend is the future of gaming in general. Land based slots have been around for over 100 years, iGaming then took over the majority of gambling and now trends have ventured into a hybrid mix of gambling and hyper social casual gaming. It’s only a matter of time that this becomes a norm in my opinion.
I do understand the appeal of the classic slot experience where the player spins and the fate is in the hands of RNG although I’d like to believe that a more immersive experience would be valued by players.

Competition is strong in the iGaming business because there are more game developers, than ever operating there. How does Green Jade stand out in the crowd of numerous developers?

Green Jade’s creative process is a rollercoaster. The best way to explain it is, everyone is encouraged to give their 2c and depending on whether it complements the project, it either gets implemented or kept for another time. I genuinely think that Green Jade differs in product due to the people behind it, picking the creative brains is a lot of fun!

How can you ensure that your games are appealing in a market that is constantly evolving and what qualities do you believe players look for in a well-made game?

A key human driver that we want to satiate is the reward discovering something new. Slots can get repetitive and therefore unrewarding unless you hide gems in them. This year, we’re offering a new type of slot. One that combines skill games and great slot play. This hybrid will elevate gambling entertainment, even further.

What is the inspiration and driving force behind the creation of Green Jade slot games?

We are passionate about rewarding players in a surprising way, for example, some of our slots can pay out winnings to a player that another failed to collect through sub-optimal decision making. We also challenge convention with the gambling interfaces we create. We believe that gambling should be even more intuitive with far greater differentiation than that which is found today. This is what led us to integrating gambling with hyper causal mobile games and arcade.

Can you let us know what you have planned for 2023?

An extensive catalogue of thrilling, new Slots with some Hybrid Slots too! We are beyond excited for these to be released and for players to enjoy!

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