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Cristina Marziali 16/02/2022
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Every time we play a slot machine, even if we don’t think about it, we approach a vast and complex world made up of technology and programmers’ creativity. The philosophy of a software provider that creates a game is very important to understand why certain themes are chosen and to know what we can expect in the future. Today we will talk about the vision of SimplePlay, a creator of slot machines and fishing games who seems to have very clear ideas, as we can see from the following interview.

Could you please introduce SimplePlay to our readers? What would you like the public to know about you?

simpleplaySimplePlay is founded by a group of veteran gaming enthusiasts. Our team consists of some of the most experienced professionals in different domains of the industry. With great passion and vision, we aim to bring the joy of gaming to the next level.

At SimplePlay, there are premium Slot Games that deliver the thrill of the reels to the players. Exciting Fishing Games are also available to enrich the portfolio of online gaming operators. With all games accessible via a lobby that comes with functions like progressive jackpots and favorite games, SimplePlay is a platform loved by operators.

What is your target?

SimplePlay wishes to expand its business into different parts of the world. Therefore, we have been working hard to develop Slot Games of different themes. There are Western themes based on elements like Halloween, ancient Greece, and other myth stories, while Asian themes based on mythical creatures, folk deities, and historical figures of the region are also very popular.

To add diversity into our portfolio, we have also developed Fishing Games, which are highly popular in Southeast Asia. In the future ahead, we will develop Table Games to further into markets where Slot Games are less played. We hope that in every market where games are played, there is SimplePlay’s presence.

What are the current trends in the iGaming industry that you guys at SimplePlay like the most?

Cryptocurrencies are definitely one of them. To every single party in iGaming industry, data security matters most. This is universally true for players, operators, and providers. With the use of cryptocurrencies, it is less likely that data would be stolen during transactions. By implementing blockchain technology, transactions can become anonymous, and players’ identity remains private. This is definitely the future trend of iGaming.

How do you see the future of iGaming at SimplePlay? And how do you think you can contribute to shape it?

Apart from the cryptocurrencies we mentioned before, we think AI casino dealers will be more common in the future. At present, live casino dealers are the mainstream. However, human dealers still make mistakes and affect the reliability of these games. More suppliers have now introduced AI casino dealers. SimplePlay will be one of them. Later this year, we will be launching Table Games that feature AI casino dealers and encryption technology, providing new form the entertainment for our clients. We believe that AI casino will become the mainstream in the future.

How does SimplePlay’s creative team develop new slot machine themes? Are you inspired by the public preferences? And if so, how does the public let you know what they want?

Our product development team is keen on gathering information of what is trending in the market. Sometimes our inspiration comes from regional trends like movies and festivals. Operators which we closely work together with also give their own feedback as well as feedback from their players so we get to know their preferences. As long as players tell the casinos what they want, there is chance of letting us know. There are surely examples inspired by public preferences. We were informed by our operators that some players would love to have a slot with elephants as the main theme. That was how “Chang Thai” was created.

What are your target markets at the moment?

Our main target is Asia and Europe. With a stable client base in Southeast Asia, we are looking for new markets in South Asia and Europe. That was why we participated in ICE London, hoping to meet new friends and new business opportunities.

And of course, Southeast Asia will remain our main market for the time being. Our Fishing Games are highly popular in the market. We expect that as Table Games are launched, we will further increase our market share in the region, giving us a boost of confidence in expanding into more new markets.

What do you expect from 2022? Do you have any special plan?

guardian-of-flame-slotThis is going to be the year for SimplePlay. Within just one month, we have launched a new Slot Game and a new Fishing Game. The new Fishing Game is a major production that carries unique features that make it one of a kind. We expect the Fishing Games would continue to expand our market share in our target markets.

Also, we have launched a new Slot Game “Guardian of Flame” featuring a common mascot in East Asia. This Slot Game features 2 types of Scatter Symbols; by collecting required number of different Scatters triggers different features: 240 Stack Wilds or multipliers of up to 24x! This is almost like having two Slot Games combined into one, and we hope the players playing at our operators would enjoy this game.

Later this year, we will also be launching Table Games. The development is basically complete; our programmers are running through the software to make sure everything is perfect. We hope to introduce ourselves as a supplier that does not only support Slot Games, but also classic Table Games.

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