Inside TrueLab Game Studios: Exclusive Interview with CMO Karl von Brockdorff

Cristina Marziali 09/03/2023
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Welcome to this exclusive interview with TrueLab Game Studios, a leading software provider in the iGaming industry. TrueLab is known for its innovative approach to game design and its commitment to providing players with unique and engaging gaming experiences.

Today we have here with us Karl von Brockdorff, Chief Marketing Officer at TrueLeb. With over a decade of experience in the iGaming industry, Karl has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of TrueLab. His keen understanding of player behavior and market trends has allowed him to lead successful marketing campaigns and create games that are loved by players around the world. In this interview, we’ll explore the secrets behind TrueLab’s success, its approach to game development, and the company’s vision for the future of the iGaming industry. So, join us as we dive deep into the world of TrueLab Game Studios.

Hello Karl and welcome! How would you describe the unique qualities of Truelab Games and the gaming products you offer, and how do you differentiate yourself from other iGaming software providers?

The iGaming industry is highly congested and we understand that many operators choose to flood the market with titles to make up market share. However, at Truelab Games, we really do believe in quality over quantity. We prefer to stand out with highly engaging content and disruptive features and mechanics. We approach game development with a specific player profile in mind and always build games with the intended audience in focus. This allows us to deliver games that are tailored to the preferences and play styles of our players. A lot of effort goes into player engagement, both beneath the surface through advanced mathematical frameworks, and on the surface through compelling storytelling, such as that in our latest title ‘Guns, Love & Therapy‘. These type of unique features set us apart from other iGaming software providers and allow us to deliver games that truly resonate with our players.

What are some of the latest trends in the iGaming industry that Truelab Games is incorporating into your games, and how do you stay ahead of the Competition?

We are always striving to stay ahead of the competition by incorporating the latest trends in the iGaming industry into our games. One of the biggest trends we’re helping establish is a move away from traditional boring click-and-spin mechanics towards more intensive audio-visual experiences. We are building upon that trend by incorporating more compelling storylines with engaging plots, deep characters, premium graphics and animations, and high-quality musical scores. By upping the production quality, we are able to engage the senses and build excitement and longevity in our titles. Another trend that we are excited about is the rise of NFTs in the industry. We are proud to be amongst the first studios to incorporate NFTs into our titles. The first game to have NFT compatibility is our classic ‘Victoria Wild West‘, which features NFTs that can be dropped during gameplay and have actual utility. Through a collaboration with our partner TRUE Future, players can collect, craft, exchange, and even sell these NFTs, which bring many advantages like reskinning, loyalty rewards, individualized experiences, extended storylines, and even shares of global revenue on the titles. Overall, we believe that by incorporating these latest trends into our games, we are able to offer players a more immersive and engaging gaming experience while staying ahead of the competition.

How does TrueLab Games ensure its games are fair and meet regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions?

Fairness and integrity are of the utmost importance to us. We understand that our players’ trust is essential, and we take great care to ensure that our games meet regulatory requirements in all the jurisdictions where we operate. To ensure fairness, all our games undergo rigorous third-party auditing and testing to ensure they have fair RNGs (random number generators). We work with independent testing agencies such as eCogra to ensure our games are reliable and trustworthy.  We also work closely with regulators in different jurisdictions to ensure our games comply with their specific requirements. This includes submitting our games for certification and auditing by regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority. We believe that transparency is key, and we provide detailed information about the RTP (return to player) percentages of our games, which can be found in the game rules.

What role does innovation play in the game development process at Truelab Games, and how do you ensure that your games stay fresh and exciting for players?

Innovation is at the heart of our game development process. We are constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new ideas to create games that are fresh and exciting for players. One of the ways we ensure our games stay fresh is by incorporating innovative new features and mechanics. We are always experimenting with new ideas and technologies to create games that are engaging and immersive. Another way we keep our games exciting is by staying on top of the latest trends in the industry. We pay close attention to player feedback and incorporate it into our game development process. We also stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations, such as NFTs, and look for ways to incorporate them into our games. Ultimately, we believe that a combination of innovation, quality, and player engagement is the key to success in the iGaming industry. By focusing on these areas, we are able to create games that stand out from the competition and offer a truly unique and exciting gaming experience.

Can you discuss TrueLab Games’ approach to game design and ensuring player engagement?

We believe that player engagement is key to creating successful games. To ensure engagement, we take a targeted approach to game design by identifying specific player profiles that we want to build each game for. We recognize that not all games are enjoyed by all player types, so we start by understanding who the game is intended for and what will make it enjoyable for that particular group of players. Once we have identified our target audience, we craft the game mechanics, mathematical frameworks, art style, and engagement features to cater to that player type. This ensures that specific player types get the absolute most out of our games and are more likely to keep coming back to them in the longer term.

Can you discuss any upcoming projects or new game releases that TrueLab Games has in the pipeline?

Certainly, we are thrilled to have several exciting projects in the pipeline. One of them is the Victoria Wild West NFT integration, which we mentioned earlier. It allows players to collect, craft, exchange and sell NFTs during gameplay, adding a layer of personalization and utility to their experiences. Another game we have in development is Bloody Tourists, a satirical and entertaining game with a dynamic play area and contagion feature. It promises to be a unique addition to our portfolio and we can’t wait to share it with the gaming community. We are constantly exploring new ideas and concepts to create fresh and engaging gaming experiences, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements from TrueLab Games.

It was a pleasure speaking with Karl! We learned a lot about the challenges that the industry faces and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. It’s clear that TrueLab is at the forefront of creating games that truly resonate with players and we look forward to seeing what they come up with next. Our website offers a great selection of TrueLab’s free slot games that you can try and experience the fun and excitement of iGaming.

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