Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom: A Sweet Slot Game with Unique Multiplier Mechanic

Cristina Marziali 03/05/2023
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In this interview with Johan John, Senior Product Manager at Lucksome, we will be discussing Lucksome’s newest slot game, Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom, set to release in June. The game is a candy-themed slot with a unique mechanic called Hyperboom, which allows for un-capped multipliers and big wins. We will learn about the game’s features, development process, and feedback from testers and early players. Additionally, we will get a sneak peek into Lucksome’s upcoming releases, including 6 in the Chamber, a high volatility Cyberpunk Western Bounty Hunter themed game with an impressive max win potential.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom and what makes it different from other slot games?

The performance of Bonbon Esplosivi (Bon Bomb Luxpots English name), which is a popular title amongst our players, proved to us that there is still an appetite for candy themed slot games. We wanted to pair this beloved theme with a powerful mechanic. Our recent title Treasures of the Dead had a Hyperlines mechanic, which the players loved, and we wanted to carry the excitement of growing multipliers into Bon Bomb Bonanza, giving birth to the very unique Hyperboom mechanic.

We’re curious about the features of the game. What can players expect in terms of bonuses, free spins, and other special features?

Much like Bon Bomb Luxpots, Bon Bomb Bonanza is anchored around the candy bombs. The Hyperboom meter collects the winning symbols from win streaks to grow the Hyperboom multiplier. The meter resets if you have a spin without a win. The multipliers are un-capped and applied to all wins from the spin when activated, the best thing; the multiplier only resets when it is applied to a win, otherwise it can keep growing! In Free Games, multiplier progress and the multiplier are not reset during the entire session, so the multipliers can hit huge levels. We’ve kept the feature in Bon Bomb Bonanza as well but halved the cost! Players can buy the free games for 150x the bet and get a free retrigger if their win is 30x or below the base bet. Even better, they get to KEEP their winnings AND the current Hyperboom multiplier into the retrigger round which can lead to some juicy wins.

How did the development process go for this game? Were there any challenges or unique aspects to creating Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom?

I’m a big fan of scatter pay games and have had a concept for one in the back of my mind for a while. When we decided to do Bon Bomb Bonanza, it just felt right to pair it up with this concept. The biggest challenge for this game for certainly the math for it. A game with rising multipliers tend to get very volatile. I had to spend a lot of time on the math to make sure it was still soft enough to make it entertaining but at the same time make sure it can deliver some sweet wins, pardon the pun. 😉

With the game set to release in June, what kind of feedback have you received so far from testers and early players? Is there anything you’re particularly excited about in terms of player reactions?

I love user testing games and seeing the reactions real-time. The game is already a hit internally in our team. Aesthetically, it is a pleasant game to sit back, relax and play and our testers are finding it fun and exciting, and the feeling is that players will make this a favourite in their go to games. Why? Because of the growing multipliers and when those candy bombs come into view, they can deliver big wins.

Finally, what’s next for Lucksome? Are there any other games or projects in the works that you can share with us?

One of the positive feedbacks we have received about our games is the variety we offer. We plan to further diversify our portfolio with some incredible themes, mechanics and features. Although I cannot give too much away, rest assured we have something for everyone in this year’s roadmap. Our next big release will be 6 in the Chamber, which is a super high volatility, Cyberpunk Western Bounty Hunter theme with up to 100,000x bet max win, a game to watch in 2023!

Lucksome’s Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom offers a fun and unique gaming experience with its innovative Hyperboom mechanic! Slots-777 offers a free demo version of many Lucksome’ games, allowing players to try it out before playing with real money. With more exciting releases planned for the future, Lucksome continues to diversify their portfolio, offering free slots for everyone.

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