Maxiplier Unleashed: Raj Varadarajah Reveals the Game-Changing 1-2-Infinity Mechanic in Realistic Games’ Latest Slot

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raja-varadarajah-realisticFollowing the release of its latest highly anticipated title Maxiplier, we spoke to Raj Varadarajah, Games Producer at Realistic Games about the new 1-2-infinity feature that debuted in the game and the future of the long-awaited mechanic.

Can you tell us more about what players can expect from Maxiplier’s base game?

This retro-inspired slot is played across 5×4 reels, but don’t let the classic aesthetic fool you – the mechanics are anything but old-school. The reels are filled with dazzling coloured gems, and landing matching combinations across the game’s 1,024 winning ways is key to winning big.

Things get truly exciting on reels two and four, where players will encounter special wild symbols. These aren’t your average wilds – they’re presented as stylish speedometer dials! Not only do they substitute for all other base game icons which boosts the chance of landing a win, but they also come with multipliers attached ranging from 1x to 5x. Land in the red zone at the top of the dial, and watch your multipliers kick into high gear, reaching a maximum of a staggering 20x per wild.
This means that if two wilds are landed simultaneously there is a potential 400x multiplier available on each spin!

Your new mechanic 1-2-infinity debuts as an ante bet in Maxiplier – what can you tell us about it?

1-2-Infinity is an industry-first mechanic that we are thrilled to be bringing to players, it is activated through an ante bet which will add a visual at the top of the screen. This displays players’ progress towards triggering the feature, which requires a scatter symbol to land on the first two reels, awarding infinite respins thereafter! This allows players to gather additional prizes with the spins continuing indefinitely until a third scatter is landed which then provides entry to the bonus.

The infinite respins create an exciting place for players to be, as they juggle between wanting the spins to continue forever more and therefore gaining extra wins but also wanting the third scatter to trigger the bonus. It’s truly a win-win situation either way for players and we are excited to see the reception it receives when triggered.

What can players expect from the free spins bonus in Maxiplier?

maxiplierThe bonus can be won by landing just three scatters, however, landing extra scatters will grant more spins up to a maximum of 50. This can also go on to be retriggered within the bonus providing a lot of opportunities to win.
In the free spins bonus, wilds can again be landed, however, as their multipliers are increased up to the maximum of 20x this progress will now be held between spins meaning players will quickly unlock more win potential rather than starting at 1x for each wild that hits.

Additionally, 1-2-infinity can be triggered during the bonus, allowing for infinite respins with these enhanced wilds in play. This provides plenty of opportunities to hit a big win and we are confident players will find it to be a real draw.

What are the long-term implications of introducing a feature like 1-2-Infinity to the online slot market?

We believe in creating slots that keep players entertained and having fun! We understand the allure of super high max wins, but the reality is, for most players, it can lead to frustration and frequent 0x bonuses.

We strive to create a more positive and enjoyable gameplay experience and with 1-2-infinity we believe we have realised this ambition. In theory, players who activate this feature can win thousands of respins before then proceeding to the bonus round. This player journey will of course be positive and will no doubt see them return to the title in the future, potentially going on to try other titles from our portfolio.

We hope to evolve the initial concept of 1-2-infinity in the future and release more titles that have this ante bet mechanic available. We intend for it to become as recognised as other go-to mechanics in the industry and are incredibly excited for its debut.

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