Online Gaming in the face of COVID-19

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COVID-19, aka Coronavirus is spreading rapidly which has led to many countries making the decision to put strict policies in place to curb the spread. These policies have seen various processes and quarantines put in place, with activities reliant on public interaction cancelled. As a result of this the economy has come under crisis with many sectors struggling to cope with the decline. As a result of this the betting and online betting industry must adapt and react in the best way they can. The online conference Betting in face of COVID-19 due to take place April 17, 2020, has also had to look at ways to detract an audience and this is why the decision has been made to stream many services digitally so that the conference can be activated online from home on the day.

Betting in face of COVID-19 – What the conference will cover

The online conference will see the representatives from bet providers and their companies transmitting their presentations in real time. Amongst the companies making presentations will be game developers, members from the international sports associations, plus experts and associates covering all areas. The topics that will be discussed what it is like to be a major force in the industry during these times and the best platforms available to play online in the comfort of your home during this pandemic. The conference will also be looking at Export Betting to be used as a buffer as there is no need to leave your home to access the online games and these can operate without any type of risks.

The evolution of the market will be looked at in varying ways with proposals being discussed to limit the lull that the market will suffer.

Why participate in the conference

By participating in the Betting in face of COVID-19 online conference small companies, representatives from providers, enthusiasts and those from every area of the sector will be provided with the opportunity to look at the different ways in which to stay safe and carry on, protecting their businesses from spiralling into decline during COVID-19 times. There will be advice and tips on how you can protect your finances and overcome this current climate as well as updates on how the gaming sector as a whole can look at different ways to grow despite everything else that is going on.

This online conference format has been constructed with you in mind and as such you should not miss this opportunity as it will bring you up to date with the latest news as well as how you can be more efficient and grow your business further in this industry. The organizers of this event Smile-Expo are an international company that have extensive experience in delivering offline exhibitions and conferences, and even though this is the first time the world of the internet has played such a huge part you can be assured that the experience Smile-Expo has will see the conference proceeding in a professional and timely manner. Head to the official website as this will provide you with further information and you can also purchase your tickets and secure your place.

The online conference’s first speakers

Brand Architects founder Harry Lang will make a presentation entitled ‘Online betting during the pandemic: current market state, alternative betting lines and further development’, providing his market services for such brands as Mecca Bingo, Genting Bet, Absolute Poker and many more. Valentina Franch, Assistant Manager at KPMG Malta, one of the Big Four accounting firms, will bring a COVID-19 insight with her presentation: ‘Fighting crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic: Experience of top betting providers.’ Ian Smith, the Integrity Commissioner at Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), will give a presentation titled ‘Esports as a life saver for betting’. He is heavily qualified and will give an insight with his 20+ years’ experience in traditional sports.

Organising the event

Smile-Expo International company will organise the event with plenty of experience to in offline events. Get a 20% discount when using the promo code! – bettingPR


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