Artemis vs Medusa

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Introducing Artemis vs Medusa slot

Artemis vs Medusa from Quickspin brings the forces of light and dark together to batter things out in true ancient Greek girl power! The females will square up to one another and players will be rewarded when they do. This battle laden game sees you defeating monsters to collect the rewards that are on offer.

I am sure you will have heard of Medusa whose evil eye could turn everything and anything to stone with just one glance and whose hair consisted of a bunch of hissing snakes that is part of what makes history. Then there is Artemis who is rather low key, she was the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of midwifery, childbirth and chastity as well as being the goddess of the hunt and depicted with a famous bow and arrow stance, which the developers have chosen to include in this slot.

Design and Theme

The development team at Quickspin are incredibly skilled and they have thrown everything into the creation of this slot. The 5-reel, 1,024 ways to win are set within a tough and rugged environment, which is surrounded by huge stone guards and views of the misty mountain tops. The visuals could be compared to those used in Nero’s Fortune. All be it not quite as scary thanks to the colouring, but the slot does have an extraordinary feel and an excellent soundtrack which rounds the slot of perfectly.

Bet Range

When it comes to placing your bet you can choose to play from as little as 20p per spin and £100 per spin and Quickspin has given the slot a volatility rating of 4.4/5 which is extremely high although it does offer a return to player of 96.12%. This RTP is standard for this developer, although the RTP has been creeping downwards slightly, although this is a trend that appears to be playing out over most slots regardless of developer currently.


When it comes to the pay table there are 11 regular symbols, 6 of wish are low payers, 4 which are medium and 1 premium symbol. The lower paying symbols are made up of diamond shaped stones of different colours which are worth between 1x and 2x your stake when you land five of a kind. The medium paying symbols provide better returns that start from 2.5x up to 15x your stake and these are minotaur’s, harpies, gryphons, and Medusa herself. The final premium symbol is represented by Artemis who will pay 25x your stake when you land five. The wild is represented by the golden antlers and this can substitute for any of the regular symbols to create winning combinations.


When it comes to features Quickspin these are all action, and these are crammed full of battles and weapons. To add some spice to the main game there is the Monster Bounty Coins, a Monster Bounty, and these are all capped by the triggered Unlimited Battle Free Spins feature. When the medium symbols land in the base game they could have a Monster Bounty Coin attached to them, and if the gold framed Artemis symbol on your last reel and any Monster Bounty Coins that are in view will be collected and you will be rewarded with a Bounty pay out. The amount that you will be rewarded with relates to the medium symbol value as shown on the Monster Bounty table plus how many coins that you have on your reels. The minimum values for the harpies, gryphons, minotaur’s, and Medusas is 2x, 4x, 8x, and 15x your stake, respectively.

When you land three scatters you will activate the Unlimited Battle Free Spins feature. This feature is played out on a battlefield that is situated right up in the clouds and there is Artemis on one side and monsters on the other, you will also see that there is a meter and this is to record the progress made by the monsters.

When you land Artemis on your reels all of the monster that are in view are collected by the meter and they get closer to Artemis, therefore if you had 3 gryphons and 3 harpies this would fill six spaces on the meter. For every Artemis that you land one sort of the monster is removed starting from the lowest to the highest. You are also then rewarded in accordance with the Monster Bounty table and bars. If Artemis manages to kill all the monsters or you collect 15 bars the free spins will come to an end.

Closing Thoughts

Artemis vs Medusa is similar to other games that contains some form of battling bonus game and as so you may see this as a bit hit and miss, but to be fair in my opinion it is more of a hit than a miss. The way in which this slot has been constructed it will probably be favoured by players who aim more for the dynamics rather than a straightforward type of play. One thing I really liked with this slot is that the features can take a while (giving longer game play for no additional bet) as the battle moves back and forth, the only thing I would say is that I do feel a little sorry for Artemis as he seems to take on all manner of beasts single handedly.

When I looked into the gaming results further I found that this slot has racked up wins in the region of 5,282x the stake which is quite impressive, however this is what resulted during 100 billion spins so it would be fair to expect winnings but maybe not that high! The other positive elements in this slot are the superb graphics which really do provide a realistic theme, coupled with the truly atmospheric soundtrack and a good pace provided by the regular win hits the slot flows well and provides some excellent game play.

I really enjoyed this slot and would rate it as a solid 7.5/10 and although it may not appeal to those looking for some straightforward gaming, however those who are looking for a fierce math model with battles and extended feature will certainly appreciate this mythological slot.

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