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Overview of Avatars: Gateway Guardians slot

Avatars: Gateway Guardians is the newest addition to the LeoVegas Originals Series which is the exclusive collection from the game developers at Yggdrasil games and has a uniqueness that can only be found in the LeoVegas line-up. When you see the playing grid it could possibly stir memories of the device that was used on Stargate SG1 to travel around the various planets.

This slot has an exceptional look and the way that the spins are carried out it is possible that you will have never seen this before. The best way I can describe this is as if you are stepping through a Stargate into a curious new place that sports a combination of old and new scenarios. There is just one thing missing and this is Teal’c saying “Indeed” and raising his eyebrows every five seconds as well as Jack’s nonstop wisecracks.

Game Play and Statistics

When it comes to the game play this slot does not have the usual reels that spin vertically, instead the slot spins three rings in circles. The symbols are divided into three elements which then spin independently on each of the circular rings. If the three elements of a symbol line up on a spin, they form a winning combination and a win is paid out. If you are lucky enough to land the matching symbols in the glowing highlighted areas, you will activate additional features. In other words, you play on a 3x6 set up in the base game and a 3x8 during any of the bonus features. It does take a little time to master but after a few spins you will soon get the hang of things.

The first thing you need to do once the game is loaded is choose your bet and this can be from just 10p per spin up to a maximum of £200 per spin which is a wide range and is accessible for most players. This is a highly volatile slot and you may find that you must carry out several spins to land a win and that there could be a fair number of spins between wins. The lowest value symbols on the pay table are the blue, green and purple dots and the remaining symbols are faces which I can only assume are the Guardians and they are reminiscent of the masks that you may come across in an ancient Greek theatre. The masks come in blue, green, purple, and reddish gold.

The reddish gold is the highest paying symbol and will reward you with 40x your stake which is not too bad, however this does not land often and whilst this slot went through numerous testing the game was hard to put down but the highest paying symbol landed once. The slot has a solid return to player which stands at 96.3% which is slightly higher than other slots currently available. There is also the auto play function where you can set up to 1,000 spins and sit back and watch the game unfold before you and is a good way to get through the unsuccessful spins.


This unusual slot dynamic is joined with two additional features to help you land more winnings these being the Hot Spots and Free Spins. Whilst you play in the base and bonus games you will see that there are various highlighted areas of the grid which are referred to as the Hot Spots. There is only one Hot Spot in the bonus game, however there is a chance to land up to eight in the free spins round. If you are lucky and land a full symbol in a Hot Spot this will activate a Multiplier Wheel. The Wheel sits under the grid and spins horizontally. The multiplier starts at 1x and then the number it lands on gets added to the multiplier. You can continue to add multipliers until the Wheel lands on a pay-out symbol or you reach the limit of 101x. Once the round comes to an end the win is calculated and winnings awarded.

The Free spins round is activated when you land three free spins parts on your grid. Unlike the pay symbols they do not need to land in a whole piece in the way the pay symbols have to. The free spin parts can be anywhere in view on your game screen and you will then be awarded with 8 free spins. The way that the symbols land in the bonus round does matter. If you land 0, 1, 2, or 3 parts in the base game 2, 4, 6, or 8 Hot Spots come into play during the Free Spins, respectively. If you land more than one symbol in the free spins each of the symbols has a turn on the Multiplier Wheel one after the other and this is where you want to land the 8 hot spots as it means every winner will activate the multiplier wheel.


Avatar Gateway Guardians from Yggdrasil games is a great slot and there is no doubt that it is a unique slot that has a lot to offer. The look and feel of the slot are also intriguing and it does have an air of mystery. When it comes to the images these are spectacular and the dark background works well to provide a sinister backdrop. This looks like a usual Yggdrasil slot, just one that is set on another planet! The game play is good and once you get the hang of it, it would be fair to say that it is quite basic once you get your head around what is going on. The slot for me has a certain x-factor although it does not rely on any gimmicks and this will give you the thought of just one more spin.

There are areas that could be improved, all players wish their slot would pay more and this is something that would make a significant difference to this slot. The maximum potential is 2,525x your stake which is far from dreadful, but the developers may have found the slot would have appealed to far more players if the winnings were better. The math model suggest that this slot has the potential to pay out more and if you were to land the top symbol with the 101x multiplier you would be rewarded with 4,040x your stake. Landing multiple symbols on the Hot Spots when in the free spins is exciting on its own but this could be truly epic.

The winnings could be far higher, but these are capped which does not really make sense. All in all, I think this is a good slot, the game play is solid if a little challenging to begin with but once you get the hang of things you will find yourself wanting to return again and again.

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