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Introducing Dungeon Immortal Evil slot from Evoplay

Dungeon Immortal Evil was recently released from the gaming team at Evoplay and it is the first Role Playing Game inspired slot, and it brings everything to the screen for you to enjoy. You job is to fight the enemies to unlock random dungeon space to obtain the awards that come in the guise of winning chests which are complete with additional bonus prizes. Even better for you is the jackpot wins that you can land from fighting and beating the big boss who will provide you with a bet multiplier of up to a massive 5,000x your bet.

Are you ready?

If you have always had a penchant for slot games then you will be ready to play this slot game of the future, which is totally unique and could prove to be bigger than what video games ever had to offer. If you are interested in Role Playing Games, then this really is the slot for you without any doubt.

Theme & Graphics

This slot game is complete with totally immersive graphics and an interface that you would expect to come across when playing a 3D video game. The game itself is based on the immersive graphics and interface that you would see in a three-dimensional video game today. This game has everything a role-playing game should have with you being just one click away. So, if you are ready to see how this role-playing game could very well replace the entire history of slot machines then continue to read on.

Game Symbols

Although there are no actual symbols per se there is no comparison to what you can expect and experience in the Dungeon Immortal Evil slot. This is the first ever role paying game slot where you do not have any reels therefore there is no spinning but the game still works like a slot but is likely to change the way slots are seen in the future. There is no doubt that you will be blown away with both the soundtrack and the 3D graphical interface.

This game is presented from the players perspective and as the hero your job is to protect the game space by fighting with the evil creatures that are secreted within the dungeons. Each time you hit the spin button you will not see reels spinning instead you will embark on one-on-one combat against the creatures who will appear at random. For every creature you slay will award you with a win which is better known as “loot” dependent on the type of creature you kill.

The creatures you can come into battle with are the Imp, Acolytes, Gargoyles, Skeletons, Infernos, Succubus, Scary Spiders and Evil. To find out the characteristics of the creatures just click on the “Bestiary” which is located at the top of the screen and all creatures are fully explained.

Features and Special Symbols

As soon as you begin to play Dungeon Immortal Evil, you are provided with a weapon which you can use to fight the monster/creatures and these are complete with skill and health levels as well as your protective armour.
By fighting to reclaim the riches that the creatures have stolen and the higher your bet the bigger the riches are. Apart from the symbols explained above there are also special symbols which will reward you with unique wins and plenty of loot!
First is the Mimic which is a special monster that appears in the form of a chest. Landing a win against the Mimic will reward you guaranteed bonus which can be one of the five types of loot that are on offer. The next creature you could come across is the Chest and this will appear in your room randomly to reward one of the five loot awards.

The Big Game event notifies you as you enter the room there are five creatures that can jump out on you randomly and there is a huge probability of rewarding you with the loot equal to 5x the stake.
The Bad Company Event begins when you are notified as you enter the event room, here you have to fight five creatures, also referred to as the bad company with one of them having a high possibility of paying out loot worth up to 2x your stake.
The Dungeon is a bonus level which you enter through a portal and then have seven rooms, six of these rooms contain creature/monsters and the seventh is where the boss is sat. Each of the rooms have chests and huge loot which that will equip you with the means to fight the boss.

Finally there is the Chilli Casino which can be used when your health diminishes as you move through the game, however, there is no need to get worried as there is a health potion that you can win in the loot to revive yourself. As you collect loot through the various levels you armour, and weapons are upgraded to provide you with a greater chance of winning fights as you move through the various levels. Just remember that if you change your bet or choose to add turbo play this will improve your winning abilities.

Dungeon Immortal Evil - Final thoughts

This game was released in February 2020 offers a high return to player which sits at 96.2% and is rated as medium to high variance. Your bet range sits from 0.1 per spin and up to 100 per spin giving a great bet range and making the game playable by all.

Dungeon Immortal Evil is a unique one of a kind game, which does not spin in the same way as a traditional slot however does take on and use the same game principles. The characters that you have to fight and win against are all created using a random number generator which is a system that has been styled and developed by Evoplay Entertainment and this guarantees that the hero aka you will be assures of a fair fight.

Although it took me a while to get my head around this slot/role playing game once I did, I enjoyed the experience. Personally, if you are not a fan of fighting then I would advise that you give this one a miss.

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