Luxury Life

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Luxury Life Slot Machine

Imagine hitting the height of your profession, allowing you to live a life of luxury. That’s the feeling you get playing Endorphina’s Luxury Life. But to play it effectively requires significant experience with previous online slot games.

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Symbols include such signs of a wealthy lifestyle as yachts, private planes, jewelry, and decadent mansions. Line-up the best arrangements of five reels and 30 paylines to win. Choose coin values anywhere from 1 to 100, and choose your own bets of 1 to 3 per line with a max bet of 90. Payouts run left to right. And the game’s autoplay runs until you tell it to stop; only stopping if you earn the chance to play the “Shopping Spree” mini-game.

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Purple, the color of royalty, adorns the entire slot board of Luxury Life. Various shades of purple fill the reels, curtains, and control buttons as players set the terms of their games. Luxury Life attempts to exude a combination of control and chance for players. While players are reliant on chance, like they do in any slot game, players set the terms of that chance. Players can set the bet per line, pay line, and coin value before the game starts. And unlike some games, players can adjust these values throughout the game. No need to wait to hit certain benchmarks like some games.

If players feel like the earnings are capped at a certain level, they can up the bets for greater winnings. So while players who bid low will likely stay near the 10000 credits they start with, Luxury Living isn’t for players who want to play it safe. Now be warned, high rollers take on a greater risk of seeing the 10000 credits they start with all disappearing. But the max bet of 90, while not a friendly bet, works just low enough to keep you in the game for a long time even if you aren’t winning big.


Luxury Life features 12 symbols, all representing a life of luxury. Symbols include: -a private yacht -a fancy ring -a mansion with a sports car parked in the driveway -a Paris Hilton look alike with her dog –a cocktail -perfume bottles -Oakley looking shades -a private jet -the free spin (which is a high heel shoe on a silver platter) -the mystery symbol (which is a gift) -the scatter symbol (which is a set of credit cards) -the mini-game (which is a set of shopping bags) Luxury Life offers one of the better free spins of any game with high values available depending on the amount of your bet. And there are up to 15 extra rounds players can unlock with the silver platter.

The Credit Card scatter tile doesn’t work like a real life credit card. It only benefits your overall account without the risks of high interest rates. Get three or more scatter tiles anywhere on the board and see your credits increase based on your bet. The most fun part of the game might be the mini-game: a tetris style shopping spree where players line up symbols to get certain gifts in their bags. Players even receive a rating after playing that work the gambit from peasant to Paris Hilton level.

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Review of Luxury Life

Luxury Life allows players to control many variables of their game. The mini-game is a blast and both the mystery and scatter symbols offer plenty of variance to prize values during the game. But only experienced players can truly enjoy Luxury Life as all the variables will likely on be played effectively by an experienced player. Also, there is no settings button defining the rules and symbols for beginning players. So in conclusion, Luxury Life is a fun interactive game for experienced players.  

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