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Reel Bonus Slot Machine Imagina Gaming

Reel Bonus plays out over 3-reels and offers players the chance to play both a basic and top club game. To play the basic game, players need to wager a single credit per spin on the centre pay line which provides a hold feature when in the manual or auto mode. The system activates the hold on one or two of the reels, so the next spin of the reels provides the player with a far higher chance to land a winning combination. Any promising positions that are landed on the reels will be held automatically, and players can take advantage of the corresponding buttons to hold their best two reels at any given time apart from if they have already used the hold in a previous spin or after they have landed a win. Players can easily re-set the hold by using the re-set/collect button.


When two or three mystery symbols make an appearance in a criss-cross pattern on the first and second reels or the first, second and third reels, and when they do there is a featured mystery pay out which can range from 2 – 200 and 8 – 200 credits respectively. The pay outs that are up for grabs are (2, 4), 8, 16, 20, 32, 40, 64, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 or 200 credits. The highest pay line in the basic game rewards the player with 200 credits. Once the player has won the 200 credits in the basic game are then automatically transferred to the credit meter.

Amongst the other ways, players can land a win in the basic game there is a Head/Tail feature where the players can either double their prize or end up with nothing. To use this feature, players just need to activate the corresponding Heads and Tails buttons, however it should be noted that it is mandatory for players to gamble a single win of two credits. If players prefer not to use the heads and tails feature, they can collect the balance that they have amassed using the Collect / Re-set button or transferred to the top game by using the Club meter button.

Top Game

Players can access the top game when they have won four or more credits in the basic game and these four credits have to then be used to bet. When the player lands a combination, they can collect from either the central fixed pay line or alternatively from the criss-cross pay lines and there are 27 in total. Players can continue playing the top game all the time they have a large enough balance of credits on the club meter to bet. When players land a win, these are displayed on the gaming screen at all times. There are also mystery symbols in the top game and players can land either two or three and the rewards will be from 8 – 200 or 20 -200 respectively. The pay outs on offer are as follows: (8, 16), 20, 32, 40, 64, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 or 200 credits.

When playing in the top game the pay-out will be shown in the display before it is moved to the club meter. When this meter gets to the value of 1000 credits or more, these will be automatically transferred to the credit meter. It is worth noting that the hold feature is not available when playing the club game. If players want to leave the top game at any time, they can press the Re-set/Collect button which will then transfer any credits back to the credit meter from the club meter and the game then switches back to the basic game mode.

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