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Taboo Slot Machine

For mature audiences only!!! Know that before you start playing Taboo, a kinky, BDSM themed online slot game from Endorphina. Now, that doesn’t mean players should expect something bordering on porn before they play Taboo. Symbols only suggest BDSM acts with symbols such as high heels, handcuffs, and whips. The most mature images present themselves when players earn bonus games, and images of women tied up in bra and panties flash quickly before the eyes of players. taboo logo

Coin values are small, ranging only from .01 to 1. Choose your own bets of 1 to 10 with a max bet of 250. Payouts run left to right. And players also get to determine how many of the 25 paylines that want available. The more paylines players choose to play, the higher the bet is for this 5 reel game. And the game’s autoplay runs until you tell it to stop; only stopping if you earn the chance to play the mini-game.


Themes of BDSM dominate (pun intended) the game, with obvious BDSM symbols and black and red colors signaling the relationship between a dominant and a submissive. But the game makes players earn the sultriest scenes by landing bonus levels. The most erotic images players see come before and after the bonus game, the Triskele Wheel.

taboo wheel

The images before and after the game feature women in various forms of sub and domme positions. The images flash quickly, but they are the most erotic images of the game. And players that make it to the Triskele Wheel can also access the Red Room and choose from among their favorite BDSM toys. Players start with 100000 credits. But those credits can disappear quickly if players frequently use the high max bet of 250. Players also have the chance to double down on winnings with extra spins after wins.

taboo symbol


Taboo features 12 symbols. The four letters (B,D,S, and M) all carry the same payouts. Symbols listed in order from smallest to largest payouts are: whip, paddle, handcuffs, girl’s hands in handcuffs, and girl’s neck with collar on it. The scatter tile is a woman’s feet in high heels carry a whip. There’s a wild symbol that appears on four of the five reels. And the bonus symbol (the triskelion square) triggers the Triskele Wheel (No faces are included on any of the symbols).

Players at the bonus level get three spins to multiply their score. After each spin (except for the third one, where you get whatever you get), players can choose to take the win or spin again and hope for a better multiplier. Players that land on a bonus slot on the wheel can choose to head to the red room. In the red room, players choose their preferred sex toy. But the domme in the room determines if players choose correctly. If players chose properly, they receive a significant bonus on their score. If they don’t players get nothing.

Players can also double each win throughout the game with a straight up card game. Pick a card higher than the dealer picks and double your score. And players can keep playing until they lose. But be sure your auto spin is off if you want to double your earnings in this fashion.

Review of Taboo

This game is for mature audiences only. And don’t play Taboo if you’re not comfortable with BDSM. But otherwise, Taboo fits both beginners and expert players. Rules are clearly spelled out for players, setting bets is really easy, and players have significant control over how much they bet. And a play by play runs above the control board breaking down how each line is playing out: another feature that helps beginners learn the basics of slots.

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