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More and more game studios are playing with regular slots, thanks to advanced technology, by converting them into a fully interactive experience. 3D slots are online slots of the new generation, full of spectacular HD visual effects, immersive soundtracks and innovative storylines. It is easy to see why these slots will be a common option for casino players, with characters jumping out of the screen and symbols spinning at three-dimensional angles. 3D slots are very much like video slots, with the exception of a few things that make them an incredible experience for casino slot lovers all over the world.

What are 3D slots?

One of the latest developments in slot gaming, 3D slots take advantage of processing speed improvements to deliver games with seamless 3D animation and impressive audio effects. For the most part, the benefit of 3D slots is linked to the gameplay rather than the features and payouts – the animation and narrative aspect of the games enhances the fun for players. A 3D slot is a video slot for all intents and purposes, and as such, you can see the same kind of features you’re used to seeing in ‘normal’ video slots.

With that said, however, there are several 3D slots that offer an increase not only in player entertainment, but also in satisfaction when achieving wins on the reels and watching the kick into high gear of the animated 3D effects. A 3D slot is great if you are someone who loves slots that are packed with vibrant images, intense sounds or animations.

What’s the difference between regular video slots and 3D slots?

Both slot styles are extremely fun and give you the opportunity to win big if you’re playing for cash. There are, however, minor variations between the two, and those differences would depend on which one you’d prefer. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of both!

Video slots

  1. Video slots offer bonus rounds, which make the game last longer and increase the chance of winning.
  2. Higher number of paylines, increasing the likelihood of winning big
  3. A lot of great graphics, always keeping the gameplay thrilling

However, learning how to navigate the online slots with video slots is much more difficult than, say, classic slots, so it may be slightly more difficult for newcomers. It is also hard for players to choose which video slot to play!

3D slots

3D slots offer the same bonuses as above, but with even better graphics and audio. It’s also important to remember that all 3D slots are video slots, but not all video slots are 3D. 

3D slots will do exactly what they sound like – make the gameplay more 3D than regular video slots. While graphics have gotten a thousand times better for regular video slots over the past few years, there’s no comparison between the two. So, if you’re looking for an online slot casino game that you can fully immerse yourself in, then 3D slots might just be the perfect option for you.

It’s also worth noting that 3D slots have better storylines than regular video slots. Players may have to work their way through levels and a story rather than just playing to win money, and that’s where all of the fun comes in. It’s almost possible that players may forget they’ve bet on a game, just for the incredible storylines as they play.

How do you play 3D slots?

  1. The premise of 3D slots is similar to video slots in the first few steps. You simply find an online casino that offers 3D slots on your phone, tablet, or computer (whichever you prefer) and find a 3D game that takes your fancy.
  2. If you’re playing with real money, set your spending limit so you’re not spending money you can’t afford to lose. 
  3. Then, take a look at the paytable for the video slot you’ve chosen. Here you’ll be able to see what symbols are worth, and any added bonuses to look out for.
  4. Choose how much you’d like to bet on your first go. It’s recommended to start small and slow, but do whatever takes your fancy! If you want to bet the maximum amount, there should be a “max bet” button you can use.
  5. Once you have chosen this, you’ll be in the game you’ve picked, and this is where things begin to differ from regular video slots. You’ll complete small parts of the storyline to ‘unlock’ spins to win cash prizes (assuming you’re playing for money). 
  6. Every few minutes, the game will give you the chance to spin to progress further in the storyline. For example, a murder mystery game would give you the chance to spin to find clues about the murder.
  7. The longer you play the storyline, the more chances you have to spin and win. Keep in mind that the longer you play, the more you’re likely to spend too.

You’ll also be given the chance to spin bonus rounds and earn more money. The desire and fun of the game will pull you through to unlock further parts of the story and, of course, more chances to win money.

Winning at 3D slot games

Video slots use random number generator software using the symbols you’ll see on your screen. To win at video slots, the symbols you see on screen need to match across the pay line. It’s important to bear in mind that you might not win right away, or even for a while. Video slots are a game of opportunity, and there is no clear “strategy” that will maximise your chance of winning. However, progressing through the storylines will help you work towards a cash prize opportunity at the end of the game. Many video slots give players bonus games and rounds to earn an additional chance to win cash prizes, and these are often triggered automatically by gameplay. Before starting your game, a great strategy to bear in mind is to take a look at the paytable to see which symbols pay the most, and what you will need to win.


The more advantageous games are typically 3D video slots with huge jackpots, as there is a chance to win major cash prizes. These are unbelievably difficult to procure, however. The aim of the game is to align your payline with three to five of the higher paid symbols. Video slots will also provide a random symbol that appears on your payline if you have a partial match, which will increase your payout. In order to unlock the highest cash prize, some games have progressive jackpots that enable the player to play multiple rounds of slots. It’s important to remember that with 3D slots, you’ll be playing a storyline between each spin, rather than simply spinning for money. However, the game premise of “slots” is exactly the same.

If you decide to play with real money

Playing 3D slots can be extremely fun, even without putting any money into it! However, there’s nothing quite like the thought of winning big from your bet, all while playing an enjoyable storyline that’s got you hooked! Trusted casino sites will require you to log in and provide proof of identity when depositing and withdrawing money, to prevent fraud. To keep your game enjoyable and exciting, playing with real money also unlocks other skills, such as real money prizes, free spins, and more game variants.

Remember to always gamble responsibly. When the fun of the game stops, so should the gambling.

Are 3D slots better than regular video slots?

That all depends on preference, but if you want to play with incredible graphics and intense sounds, all while being in with a chance of winning more money than you’ve put in, then yes, 3D slots are better!

Can I play for free before betting with 3D slots?

Many players choose to play for free before betting any money on casino games. This helps them get the feel of the game and understand what to expect should they choose to play with money. In short, yes you can! Once you’re familiar with 3D slots, you can then begin to play with real money should you wish!

I’m new, what would you recommend?

Opt for a themed game that you enjoy. For example, if you love sports, go for a game related to sports. It will help you understand the dynamics and get into the feel of 3D slots!

Do I have to play on a computer?

No, of course not! If you’d prefer, you can play 3D slots on apps on your smartphone or tablet. Or, if you’re sitting at your computer a lot and would find it easier, then you can head to a trusted casino website to play too!

Can I trust 3D slot games?

Yes. At no point are you forced to use real money to play. Signing up with a trusted casino means your money will be protected. It’s also recommended you only spend as much as you can afford to lose, as all games are played at the players’ own risk.

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