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Bitcoin is a digital currency that helps online casino players to have an easy and safe way to move money to and from their casino account. There are a range of benefits that come from using Bitcoin, which is why more and more casinos are offering cryptocurrency as a way to pay. Bitcoin is unlike any other traditional currency, as it doesn’t have a ‘bank’ in charge of it, and it works completely by using peer-to-peer transfers. As a result, Bitcoin can only be transferred from user to user. 

What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Put simply, a Bitcoin casino refers to an online casino or a betting agency that accepts Bitcoin as a currency of payment, this could be as the preferred method of payment, or alongside other currencies. Recently, a number of large Bitcoin casinos have started to offer games and services for those players that are looking to use Bitcoin, rather than having to use US dollar payment, for example. 

Bitcoin casinos will offer traditional casino games and experiences like roulette, but they can also offer more, such as betting around sporting events, spread betting, and lotteries. They are also hybrid casinos, which will allow deposits by Bitcoin, and will allow withdrawals to Bitcoin addresses. However, they will also convert the equivalent funds to a non-cryptocurrency when you want to deposit.

Bitcoin casino games

Bitcoin casinos still have the same kinds of games that other online casinos will have, so you can still enjoy table games and slots, as there is a range to choose from. In many instances, Bitcoin casinos will need to prove that they are offering fair gaming, to help to ensure fairness for players. Each game will vary, but it is becoming something that is widespread for big Bitcoin casinos that players will be able to see how provably fair a game is.

What are the advantages of using Bitcoins when online?

One of the main reasons why Bitcoin casinos are leading the gambling industry, is that there are a range of benefits. 

  • The processing of payment is something that is easy, safe, and doesn’t cost anything. A lot of casinos will cover any transaction fees themselves with traditional currencies, but for players there can be fees to pay, of around 10% of winnings. If you use Bitcoins, then there aren’t any associated fees, saving money for everyone involved.
  • Bitcoin, as mentioned, doesn’t have a central bank that it is tied to. As a result, the funds can’t be frozen or taken away, the same as money could with a traditional bank. This gives Bitcoin users complete control of their funds
  • When it comes to online gambling, many players prefer to have anonymity. Many Bitcoin casinos will only ask for an email address and for a password, to reset an account. As there is no credit card associated with the account, then no information like name or address is required. 

What is the future of Bitcoin casinos?

Bitcoin does offer some great benefits to the online gambling industry as a whole, the future could see newer cryptocurrencies being involved, that could lead to even more attractive benefits for players and casinos alike. Since Bitcoin has been introduced, a range of cryptocurrencies that are privacy-focused, have also been introduced, which could help to keep transactions anonymous, for example. Other cryptocurrencies, like Zcash or Ethereum, could go on to be used widely for casinos, because of their fungibility.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency where the regulation of the currency and the generation of it are created through an encryption technique. Bitcoin is something that is a decentralized type of cryptocurrency, meaning that it has no central authority in control of it.

How can you buy Bitcoin?

Players at a Bitcoin casino can usually buy Bitcoin from websites like and As an addition, Bitcoin casino players can also buy from each other, if someone has Bitcoin to sell. Bitcoin can be bought with standard currencies.

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

When you have Bitcoin, then it will be stored in a Bitcoin wallet. This is an account online that is created to store, hold, send, and receive digital currency.

Can you get free Bitcoin in an online casino?

You can get Bitcoin for free, without having to spend money in an online casino, if you sign up to create an account with a Bitcoin casino when there are signup bonuses or offers. This will involve adhering to specific terms and conditions.

Is Bitcoin casino regulated?

Some Bitcoin casinos aren’t licensed or regulated. So as a player, it is important that you look for one that is on a site that is licensed and regulated.

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