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Cristina Marziali 06/12/2022
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When you register at an online casino, one of the first operations you need to do, once you have completed your registration, is to top up your gaming account. Apart from the no deposit welcome bonus,  it is not possible to start playing real money if you do not have credit in your account. As you know, there are many ways to deposit money into a gaming account. One of the most innovative and advantageous is pay by mobile, which allows you to top up using your smartphone.

  • What are pay by mobile casinos UK?
  • What are the existing pay by mobile methods in the UK?
  • What are the advantages of pay by mobile casinos?

Pay by mobile casinos are online casinos that allow you to top up your gaming account using your mobile phone credit, or by debiting the numbers from your phone bill. Compared to other widespread payment systems, pay by mobile appears much faster and more convenient. You don’t need to enter your card number or do any other steps. Here are the steps to follow to top up your account with your mobile phone:

  • select your favorite service (we will see later which are the main ones used in the UK)
  • choose the top up amount
  • enter your phone number
  • wait for the code sent via SMS
  • enter the code sent via SMS
  • wait for the top-up message

The credit that is paid into the casino account can be deducted from the mobile phone credit in two ways: by being credited in the next telephone bill, or immediately debited from your top-up credit. This of course depends on the way you use to manage your smartphone, but the first option pay by mobile phone bill casino could present some problems.

According to the guidelines of the UK Gambling Commission, the use of credit cards is prohibited: this is because we want to prevent players from spending money they don’t have. The casino pay by mobile phone bill could in turn be read as spending money that you don’t have yet. At the moment this system is still allowed, but this is likely to change in the future. Many casino pay by mobile have eliminated this payment option.

Paying with mobile phone credit, on the other hand, does not present particular problems and can be advantageous for various reasons. The first is that it is an immediate and secure operation, given that the telephone number is private and no one can know who it belongs to. Furthermore, it also helps to keep gambling spending under control, given that you cannot top up an amount higher than the credit on your smartphone.

Online casino pay by mobile can be used in two different ways: through the web browser or using the dedicated apps. Considering that pay by mobile casinos are designed mainly for those who love to play using their smartphone, it is clear that both options are fulfilling players expectations. Nowadays all gambling websites are optimized to be viewed smoothly even on mobile devices; the games, written with the HTML5 programming language, in turn can run correctly from desktop computers, smartphones or tablets. Certainly the use of dedicated apps allows for a cleaner and more pleasant gaming experience, as the apps are designed solely and exclusively for mobile devices. A small disadvantage related to the use of apps is the fact that they must be downloaded, while those who play from the browser can do it immediately and quickly. Another note that can be made to apps is related to those who use Android as their operating system. On the Google store it is often not possible to find online casino apps due to the general rules adopted by google. This problem can be easily circumvented, as the download can be done directly from the chosen pay by mobile casino site. For those who use Apple’s iOS operating system, this problem does not exist.

Existing pay by mobile methods in the UK

To use the services offered by pay by mobile casinos it is necessary to use some operators that we list below. Depending on the pay by mobile casino you sign up for, you may find some of these, just one or maybe all of them.

  • Boku: by far the most popular payment system adopted by pay by mobile casinos. Boku not only operates in the UK but also in other European countries, Asia and the Americas. Depositing using this service is simple: just follow the procedure we have described. Once you have made your first top-up, your number will be memorized and the subsequent times the process will be even faster.
  • Payforit: another very popular system pay by mobile casino not Boku that has a relevant limitation: it only supports some specific telephone operators. They are as follows: Vodafone, Virgin, EE, O2 and Three. So you need to have a phone number with one of the carriers listed above. In the pay by mobile casino you have chosen, this service could be indicated with one of the following names: Pay by Phone, Pay by Mobile, Pay Via Phone, Charge to Mobile, Charge to Bill and Mobile Pay
  • Apple Pay: this payment service does not need many introductions for all those who own an Apple device. It is an integrated system that allows money to be moved with a simple tap and which also makes an e-wallet available to the user.

Of course, all the other traditional payment methods also exist, therefore:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • MuchBetter
  • Instant Banking
  • Skrill or Neteller

Advantages and disadvantages

 We have listed the advantages of pay by mobile phone casino along this article. To pay with your mobile phone, all you need is the phone number and the smartphone itself. There is no need to log in to any account or enter credit card numbers. If you use the telephone bill service, the actual payment is deferred. Deposits are instant and free with a simple tap. The security of personal data is guaranteed by the anonymity of the telephone number. The fact of being able to deposit only the amounts present in the telephone credit helps to keep gambling costs under control.

And the disadvantages? There are some, albeit small ones. The first is that if you can use pay by mobile to top up your account, you can’t use it to withdraw. You will therefore necessarily have to choose another system. The top-up limits are quite low: usually £10 per transaction or £30 per day. Finally, it is not a universally used system.

Having said this, we can say that pay by phone mobile casinos are advantageous for every type of player, as they allow you to make quick top-ups in a simple way even while you are playing and you need additional credit quickly. Pay by mobile casinos might also become more popular with the increase in adoption of this payment method, given the growing number of gamblers who like to challenge their luck using their smartphone.

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