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Welcome bonuses are extremely popular within the casino world. Normally, when signing up to a casino they will offer you a welcome bonus in order to entice you to deposit more with them and bet more. These types of bonuses can vary depending on the casino you are signing up for, however, in most cases, they are very similar to one another. 

The main aim of a welcome bonus is to offer you a promotion that gives them some edge over another competitor; the hope is that you will sign up to them and use their services over others. Although it’s a way to say hi to you and give you a reward for using their casino offering, it is also there for you to benefit from when used correctly.

There is different terminology used to promote a welcome bonus. Some companies will refer to it as a first deposit bonus, while others a sign-up bonuses and some a welcome bonus. Whatever it’s called, the end goal is the same, and that is to give you a small bonus for choosing them over another competitor – although there is no stopping you from signing up to multiple casino sites and making use of all the offerings. 

Why Use a Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus gives you an introduction to their casino and how their online casino works. Although it can be hard to win a welcome bonus, it is still free money and you can play without any repercussions. If you sign up and make the most of the bonus if you don’t enjoy the system you can always leave and try another company. Plus, if you are going to sign up to the site anyway, then why not get some extra money that you can play with. 

It can seem off-putting that you need to bet a certain amount to withdraw your welcome bonus. But if you enjoy playing and are going to play regularly, you will soon have bet enough that you can withdraw it and will benefit from getting the free money in the first place. The more loyal you are to a casino the more loyal they tend to be back to you, offering you more bonus in the future

Types of Casino Bonuses 

When it comes to the bonuses that casinos offer, you will find there are three types that are mainly used. The different casinos will use these at a different time but ultimately it’s standard practice within the industry. 

When looking into the different bonuses available, it is important that you look at the terms and conditions of the offers – after all, there is no such thing as free money. Most companies will advertise that they are offering you “x amount free” however when you look more into it, you will see that you need to deposit a certain amount, and bet a certain amount before you can withdraw or access the funds. 

Below we look into the three types of common welcome bonuses: 

Deposit Bonus 

A very common practice is the deposit bonus. What a deposit bonus requires you to do is pay in your own money in exchange for them to give you a certain amount back for free to play with. The amount casinos give back varies on the company but a lot will offer a 100% deposit bonus (up to a certain amount) where you can deposit £50 and then they will give you £50 to spend on top of your original deposit. 

Make sure you read the fine print on the deposit bonus as the terms and conditions vary however the most common practice is for you to have to bet a certain amount before you withdraw it. Some will also have a minimum amount you need to deposit which can in some cases be higher than expected. 

Free Spin Bonus 

If you enjoy slot games, you may be interested in the free spin bonus that many online casinos offer on their online slot machines. These bonuses can be offered out to new users as a welcome bonus or to existing users to entice them back on their site. Although we say to always read the terms and conditions of any offer, there isn’t much of a catch to a free spin bonus. Most casinos will allow you to have a few free spins and keep what you win as long as you have deposited something to their system. 

Free Game Bonus 

These are less popular amongst casinos but do get offered every now and then. To put it simply, the casino will give the user an amount of money into their account. You can then use this money to bet on most of the games available on the site. As a user, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings until you have bet a certain amount. Normally, this amount is rather large and is very hard to win with, causing most users to not win the free money. That said, there is always a winner and some users benefit from this bonus hugely. If you are considering this bonus, always look to see how much you need to bet before taking it on. 

Combined Bonus 

A combined bonus is simply a combination of two bonus offerings. Some casinos like to offer this to really grab your attention and convince you to sign up and use their services. Most commonly, a combined bonus consists of a free spin bonus and a deposit bonus at the same time. These are almost always offered to new users as a welcome bonus so it is rare to receive this offer as an existing member of the casino. Always look out for a combined bonus as often the offering is better than some of the above. 

Claiming a Casino Welcome Bonus 

When signing up for any casino welcome bonus, make sure you have done your research on how easy it is to claim the winnings should you win. As touched upon above, many casinos will offer you a variety of bonuses all with different terms and conditions on when you can withdraw the money should you win.  

As you can imagine, casinos want to entice you in but very rarely will they just give you free money to bet with them. Often there is a clause that helps them earn some money out of the welcome bonus. Below are simple steps to consider when looking at a welcome bonus: 

  • Look up the reviews of the casino and see what people are saying about them.
  • Always visit the terms and condition section and check what is required from you and make an assessment on how hard it will be to win with the bonus being offered. 
  • Check the requirements to enrol in the bonus. Is there a minimum or maximum deposit or do you have to bet a certain amount? 
  • Look for any other conditions that may need to be met that you may not have been aware of at first. 
  • Make sure the casino is secure and uses the right payment methods when uploading money to them. 
  • What banking options do they offer to allow you to pay in your money and bet with them. 
  • The most important thing to look for in a casino is the correct licencing. Have they got the correct casino gambling licence. 

Welcome Deposit Bonuses List

If used correctly a deposit bonus is a great way for users to get to know a certain casino and benefit from signing up. Casinos will also benefit from users using their system and hopefully using them when they want to make a bet in the future. 

If you are looking to sign up for a casino, make sure you take advantage of the different welcome bonuses that are on offer in the market currently. When looking into bonuses make sure you do the following: 

Bonus Conditions 

Always compare the bonus conditions against each other to see which one will suit your circumstance the most. Some could require a larger deposit but offer a certain benefit over one that requires a lower deposit but has a smaller chance of you winning. Make sure compare everything, even to the smallest of details to make sure this bonus is right for you. 

Search The Site For Better Bonuses 

If you have settled on a certain bonus, there is no harm in you looking over the site for a better bonus. Some welcome bonuses may not be present on the home page but be located on a different section of the website, less easy to find. It may be that you can contact the casino directly to see if they have anything better than you currently have with them. 

Below we have put together a list of casino welcome offers that we think you will benefit from. We will be regularly updating this list to keep them as up to date as possible helping you find an offer that is perfect for you. All that’s left is to sign up and enjoy betting, but remember to always gamble responsibly. 

Welcome Bonuses FAQs

Do I always have to deposit money to get a bonus?

No - some welcome bonuses are offered to you just for signing up. Others you have to deposit a certain minimum amount and opt in.

Can I withdraw a welcome bonus right away?

The way it works is that you have to wager your bonus before you can withdraw it.

Does every online casino have a welcome bonus?

Not all online casinos have a welcome bonus. It is up to you to do your research and find the ones that do. Those that don’t usually have other promotions.

Can I get a welcome bonus more than once?

Generally not, as a welcome bonus is purely for when you sign up to an online casino for the first time.

Are all welcome bonuses the same?

No - usually casinos have their own rules and thresholds for welcome bonuses. They might not allow you to play on certain games for example.

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