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Crazy time characteristics
SoftwareEvolution Gaming
Demo modeAvailable
Payout 25.000x your stake
Most lucrative Bonus Crazy Time
Bonus Games 4 special games
Min. Bet 1 demo coins
Max Bet 10 demo coins

crazy-time-game-liveEngage in the Electrifying Universe of Crazy Time Live Casino Game – a product of Evolution Gaming, enchanting players with its astonishing mix between the Wheel of Fortune and a lively television programme. This incomparable title immerses participants into a thrilling atmosphere, offering not only a distinct live casino experience but also an entertaining live show in streaming.

This live game have become a global sensation, lighting up our screens with their energetic spins and game show vibes! Players from all corners of the world can join in the fun, watching Crazy Time live, cheering on each spin, and becoming part of the lively community. Through various online casinos showcasing Evolution Gaming's entertaining lineup, everyone gets a front-row seat to the dazzling display of spins and wins.

Overview: Embarking on the Crazy Time Adventure

crazy-time-ruotaThe core of Crazy Time revolves around an expansive Wheel of Fortune, partitioned into 54 vibrant segments. Not merely a wheel, it's a trove of opportunities, where every spin might culminate in a crazy time 100x, or dare we say, a crazy time 10000x multiplier, making it an adrenaline-pumping experience.

With each spin, participants find themselves enveloped in anticipation, watching the score and hoping for their selections to align. Beyond mere gambling, it's a shared adventure where players watch, wait, and cheer for results that may swing fortunes.

Strategy, Symbols and Crazy Time Stats

crazy-time-main-gameIn the colorful world of Crazy Time, symbols serve as more than mere decorations: they're your keys to unlocking exciting bonus rounds, adding an extra layer of excitement and adventure to every spin. Understanding these symbols and keeping a keen eye on the crazy time score isn’t just about potential returns - it's about fully immersing yourself in the joy and thrill of participation. Numbers are the most common symbols you'll encounter. They are 1, 2, 5, and 10, each of which represents a payout. If you bet on a number and the wheel lands on it, you'll win your bet multiplied by that number. There also segment of the wheel which activate unique bonus rounds: we'll talk about them in a moment.

Navigating Through Crazy Time Tracker

Exploring past data, such as spin results and slot outcomes provided by the Crazy Time tracker and history, can help identify patterns and tendencies in the game's lively chaos. Spin results, multipliers, slot outcomes, total payouts, and more, can be used by a player to develop a betting strategy based on the trends and patterns observed over a set period. For instance, if certain results or multipliers appear to occur with a particular frequency or follow a discernible pattern, a player might adjust its betting strategy to exploit these tendencies.

Our table above is an appealing and dynamic way to show the stats, where:

  • Occured At: Representing the time the spin took place, giving players an overview of the timeline of events.
  • Slot Result & Spin Result: Providing insight into how each spin turned out and which slot was hit, delivering immediate visual feedback to users on the outcome of each event.
  • Multiplier & Slot Multiplier: Peek into your possible fortunes with our multipliers! They guide you through your potential and actual rewards in various spins, helping you stay in tune with your exciting journey.
  • Total Winners & Total Payout: Dive into collective triumphs with each spin! Discover the number of gleeful winners and the total goodies given away, letting you gauge the game's generosity and join in the universal cheer at any moment.

It's crucial to note that gambling always involves significant risk, and even the most robust strategy cannot guarantee success due to the inherent unpredictability and randomness embedded in such games. So whilst watching a crazy time big win today can be inspiring, always approach gambling with caution and wager amounts you are prepared to lose.

Exploring the Thrills of a Dynamic Live Casino Adventure

Within Crazy Time there are also four bonus round symbols that trigger unique mini-games. The potential for monumental multipliers and a diversified gaming experience captures the essence of live casino gaming. Here they are:

  • Coin Flip: Step right up to the simplicity and excitement of Coin Flip! A delightful balance of risk and fun, it rolls out an effortlessly engaging play that invites every participant into a burst of simple, suspenseful joy without the puzzle of extra bonus features.
  • Cash Hunt: Join the thrilling escapade that is Cash Hunt! A dazzling whirlwind of various gaming styles, it welcomes players to a dynamic journey through choice and chance, crafting a vivid and suspense-charged adventure amid the rich tapestry of Crazy Time.
  • Pachinko: Embodies the cascade of opportunities, where every bounce could tilt fortunes and make tales of dramatic wins. It's based on a famous Japanese game, actually the most played lottery / slot-machine game of the entire country.
  • Crazy Time: Let's embark on an exciting adventure together and try our luck at hitting that stunning 20,000x multiplier! Your story could become a vibrant part of this thrilling journey’s history. Spin and enjoy the ride with us.

Our Conclusion

Crazy Time live promises a captivating adventure beyond the conventional casino experience, providing collective joy in participating in a global game show. It weaves an immersive journey that leaves lasting memories and stories, solidifying its place in the colorful history of the crazy time community.

Crazy Time FAQs

What kind of slots is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is not a slot machine, but a live game created by Evolution Gaming.

What is a casino live Crazy time?

Casino live Crazy time is a live game streamed from a television studio, with a real dealer.

What kind of game is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a game show where you have to spin a wheel with prizes and bonus games.

What are the Crazy Time bonus games?

There are 4 bonus games: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

How much can I win max playing Crazy Time?

The maximum amount you can cash out is 25,000 times your stake.


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