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Introduction to Disco Danny slot (NetEnt)

Disco Danny is one of the latest slot releases from NetEnt that invites you to take your place on the dancefloor of this nightclub themed slot that is Disco Danny. Whilst the theme is novel as are the characters that are bopping along with the music, however, the rest of what this slot offers in anything but original.
When the developers were in the production phase this slot was named “Disco Monkey” and why they then went and rebranded the game and released is as Disco Danny is beyond me and Disco Danny does appear to be similar in more ways than one to the football themed slot Super Striker from the same developer. When comparing the two you will see that they offer the same features and math model and the only real difference is the scenery and that the optional Bet Slip feature is not present.

Theme and Design

Although the gameplay seems to have stalled the looks are certainly far superior to those used in Super Striker. This slot provides players with a brighter and bigger statement game. When it comes to the soundtrack there is no surprises as it is an upbeat disco tracks complete with some house vibes, making it a true 1970s release.

Betting & Gaming Statistics

Disco Danny plays out over a 3x3 reel set with 5 pay lines with the betting starting at a minimum of 10p per spin to a maximum of £250 per spin which is a great range that will appeal to all manner of players. When it comes to landing the wins, it is only combinations of three or more symbols that pay. The math model remains is like that used in Super Striker meaning that this is a slot that is classed as having a high volatility and return to player of just over 96%. The spin rate stands at just over 14% so you need to be prepared for some stretches of dead spins whilst waiting for the features to kick in, and whilst the advertised bonus frequency is 1 in 250 spins, I did find that I had to wait for 700 or more spins to land wins or a feature.


When it comes to the symbols on your pay table you can expect to come across single, double, and triple bars, 7s, roller skates, Danny wearing black shades and Danny dressed as Elvis. There is some good news when it comes to the symbols is that landing any mixed combinations of the bar symbols will pay you a prize of 0.6x your stake with the pay-out being based on the lowest of the symbols.
At the other end of the scale there is the disco king who is worth 100x the stake when you land a full line or 500x if you get lucky and land a complete screen. It is worth remembering that there is no wild to assist pulling any win combinations in, so you need to depend on the scatters to provide you with the full gaming potential.


Although this slot does not have the Bet Slip feature the others remain the same, which leaves you with two types of scatters and free spins. This is all complimented by the disco ball in the centre of the screen that scatters the lights across the screen. There is no doubt that the slot has things covered with it offering two styles of scatters, the first is represented by a silver disco ball and the second is the golden ball. When the gold ball lands anywhere on your reels you will be rewarded with random cash prizes. These wins appear periodically and are the perfect antidote to keep the base game interesting.

The golden ball also assists you to unlock the free spins feature. Landing two silver balls and one gold or three silver disco balls will unlock the free spins. The free spins starts with three spins where only the gold disco balls will appear, with every gold ball that lands it will have a multiplier of 1x to 50x attached to it, and the free spins re-set again to three. If you do not land any of the balls within your first three spins the feature comes to an end.
There are five different levels in the free spins feature and these all come complete with a multiplier of x1, x2, x3, x5, or x10, respectively. If you get lucky and land all of the golden balls on your screen the values are all added together and multiplied by the level multiplier, and you move up to the next level, if you have this feature on a good roll you will be rewarded with some substantial win totals.


When it comes to reviewing this slot, I had to consider several things to determine whether this is an enjoyable 1970s vibe playing out on the reels or whether it is all a little outdated. Honestly, my answer to this would be yes and no. The atmosphere is above average, yet the visuals are not what you will expect from a NetEnt slot. The vibe is really created by the soundtrack and logo that really help to get players in the mood and bring out their inner disco diva!

If you are looking for a 3x3 game experience then this could be the slot for you, otherwise it may be way too basic for others. In the same way as Super Striker the football slot from NetEnt goes from nothing to something courtesy of the bonus game this slot can do the same. When I played, I really enjoyed the slot, however, this could be because I did land a good run of free spins and this led to an abundance of multipliers and walked away with a healthy profit. When NetEnt launched their own simulation, which covered 395 billion spins the wins came in between 1,333x-3,333x.
Disco Danny has its moments, and really made me smile probably because it transported me to when I was young, free and single and used to spend every Saturday night at the local disco, with this in mind I would say this is Saturday Night Fever at its very best, however there are some who would think of this as more of a disco downfall. I suggest you give it a spin or two and make the decision for yourself.



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